Rainbow Six Extraction’s Nightmare Fog Will Have You Shooting Hallucinations

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Ubisoft today launches a new “crisis event” called Nightmare Fog for its Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction co-op shooting game. It’s a temporary event that will test your operator’s senses as an unavoidable fog of toxins makes its way through the containment zone.

I played the Crisis event during a Ubisoft preview event and of course got quite fragmented in the game. But I enjoyed it, and apparently many other people are enjoying Rainbow Six Extraction, which saw over five million players in the first quarter.

The game allows up to three players to team up in a co-op battle against aliens that have invaded Earth and are breeding in various urban hangouts. Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, you can choose your operator who specializes in certain skills that complement your squad’s strengths. Those skills include roles such as doctor and sniper.

You can go in with guns blazing, but you’ll be in for a frenzied gunfight if all the aliens come at you. It’s like Left4Dead with aliens instead of zombies. You can also operate in stealth mode and perform missions such as take out nests, capture specimens or rescue colleagues.

The fog

Your operator sees things in the Nightmare Fog.

What’s different about this event is a purple haze that descends on the battlefield. You start in a safe zone where you can send your drones to the mission area to do reconnaissance. You can find several key points, but your drones are always empty before you can scan the whole area. Then you pull in and try to achieve your mission goals. Only this time, if you go through the fog.

As you move through the containment zone, exposure to the fog increases your neurotoxin level. After exposure reaches a certain level, this toxin creates psychedelic effects for operators, such as hallucinations of enemies, disturbances that affect their vision, and deterioration that causes damage. If you shoot the hallucinations, they just stand out in pixels. But when they scream and bleed, you know they’re real.

The fog is produced by the poisonous tree of the parasites. It is a chemical hallucinogen that can alter an operator’s perception of reality. After too much exposure, you go crazy and start seeing things. To your teammates, it seems like you’re shooting at nothing, while you think you’re shooting some aliens. The hallucinations are both auditory and visual. Eventually you will suffer from tunnel vision, motion blur and distorted vision. And then you start to lose health.

If you can control your neurotoxin level and still be able to tell the real from the fake, you can make your way through the fog to destroy the source, the poisonous tree. No matter what we tried, my team never destroyed the tree during our two-hour play session. But we did our best.

We shot holes in walls to reduce the distance we had to go through the fog, but that always alerted a swarm of aliens to descend on us. They came in waves and it was fun mowing them down until I inevitably ran out of ammo. I had to run around the place to find more ammunition, but that often separated me from my team.

To heal themselves, players can find a neurostim supply box that can temporarily remove some of an operator’s neurotoxin level – but you can only find a limited number of neurostim supply boxes in each subfolder. This limited supply challenges players to adapt new raid strategies and be prepared to take on Archans while warding off psychedelic effects.

Completing your missions will give you exclusive rewards, including a new gun that gives you a speed boost and 15 seconds of invulnerability.

To lure players back in, Ubisoft will have your Operators level up ten additional levels with a new prestige system. Players can now join their team via Game Pass on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows PC, as well as on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Amazon Luna, Ubisoft+, the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store.

I enjoyed it, but I think I’ve been inhaling enough purple mist for a while.

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