Super cheap car worker accepts new job

The Supercheap Auto employee who was temporarily suspended after trying to stop an alleged shoplifter in a video that went viral has a new job.

A Supercheap Auto employee who was filmed fighting over a stroller with an alleged shoplifter has accepted a new job at the company’s rival chain, Autobarn.

It comes after the man was resigned with pay by Supercheap Auto while the company was investigating the incident outside a Gold Coast store – which a bystander filmed two weeks ago and posted on social media.

The worker was seen trying to grab a woman’s blanket-covered stroller before a box fell out from under the blanket.

The video on TikTok alone has 6.9 million views, with the man receiving a lot of praise for how he handled the situation.

Supercheap Auto attached to the Gold Coast Bulletin the staff member in the video had decided to leave the company

It also said the company’s policies and standards “prohibit confronting suspected shoplifters and physical contact with customers,” which were “supposed to protect our team members and customers.”

“We recognize the public interest in this matter, but health and safety is paramount and our health and safety standards are not just words on a page,” a spokesperson said.

“They are central to the way we run our business.”

When it was reported that the employee had resigned, many Australians expressed their outrage and some even offered him a job

One of those people was Michael Farrar, owner of Autobarn Burleigh Heads, who had said the man was exactly the employee he was looking for.

“His actions showed me that he is a loyal person and someone we would like to have on our team,” he said, adding that his store had stolen about $15,000 worth of items in the past two years.

Mr Farrar confirmed Friday that the former Supercheap Auto employee was his newest employee, starting next Tuesday.

He told the Bulletin the man was a private person and “quite upset” after his “life was turned upside down in one fell swoop”.

Employers had also called 2GB radio host Ben Fordham’s program to offer the man a job when the incident was aired.

Fordham said the worker should have resigned “no way in the world”.

“This guy did his job of saying you’re not going to squeeze that out of the store,” he said as he continued speaking. Today Extra on Monday

“I’ve had people call on my radio show and say they’d offer him a job. They would give him a raise or a promotion.”

Some social media users claimed they would boycott Super cheap car.

“Supercheap Auto must reinstate the employee and prosecute the shoplifter. It’s not good enough to lay down an employee protecting your company,” one wrote.

“Damn Supercheap Auto, give the guy a bonus and an award for treating the company as if it were his own. Any company should be so lucky to have such employees,” agrees another.

The company had said a review was standard “after an event of this nature”.

On Monday, a week after the video was shared, police told that the alleged shoplifting had still not been reported.

The incident

A viral video taken outside a Gold Coast Supercheap Auto store showed a staff member trying to grab a stroller covered with a blanket.

He accused the woman with the stroller of theft from the store and threatened to call the police, while the woman yelled “let my baby go”.

After they both struggled to get the stroller under control, a box was smashed on the floor under the blanket and the woman said, “You can have the damn rotor size.”

It is not clear whether the woman actually had a baby in her stroller.

At the end of the video, the staff member followed the woman out of sight into the parking lot, while another employee wearing a ‘Covid safe hygiene marshall’ vest picked up the box that had been left behind.

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