‘A Matter of How High’: How Blues ‘Basht’ Rivals – and ‘Definitely’ Play Finals

Don’t worry about booking September breaks this year, Blues fans, with Carlton “definitely playing finals,” according to double All-Australian Leigh Montagna.

And the dual premiership Kangaroo David King claims that the “Messiah Effect” that has damaged the Blues’ prospects for years has been replaced with a sassy, ​​selfless brand that should have them in the top four.

Carlton took an impressive 30-point win over the Giants on Sunday to ensure round 9 finished in the top four with a healthy 7-2 record. It’s only the second time the Blues have been in the top four for several weeks since 2001, this deep into a season.

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The Blues have made only four finals since 2001, with their most recent appearance in September 2013.

Asked on Fox Footy’s first tear when Blues fans have to cancel their September vacation plans this year, Montagna said, “Absolutely. They’re playing the final, that’s for sure.

“It’s just a matter of how high they can finish, because fourth place is potentially up for grabs. They’re in it now, so now they’ve got the tickets.”

Blues head coach Michael Voss congratulates Patrick Cripps of the Blues. Photo: Cameron SpencerSource: Getty Images

King said the Blues had the capabilities to still be in the top four at the end of the home and away season.

“I’m a big fan of what they’re doing because it’s getting the most out of the role players now — and they’ve never done that before,” King said. first tear

“There have always been the stars, whether that’s in the coach box or on the pitch – the messiah effect of one or two people at that football club – now it’s a shared responsibility.

“I think there’s something about absolute power on the pitch and it takes you a long way. This will grow, this will gain momentum, the Carlton snowball effect. They’re basically walking into games right now and saying, ‘We’re going to bash this mob. We’ll have them covered when the game ends” – it’s a great asset to have.

“I know we talk a lot about how well you defend without the footy — and maybe that’s still #1 in all the categories we rate — but I think this is challenging, especially for Carlton because it’s so dominant.”

The Blues, who ended up with the top two teams in the league in round 9 for a contentious ball differential, were relentless throughout the game on Sunday, counting the Giants in disputed possession (+34) and clearance (+8).

Williams sustains serious injury! † 00:39

Their “brutal” ability to “bash teams” is their greatest asset, according to King.

But Montagna was most excited about the Blues’ team-oriented performance against the Giants, especially with reigning Coleman medalist Harry McKay sidelined through injury.

“They didn’t trust anyone anymore,” Montagna said.

“(Patrick) Cripps had his moments, (Sam) Walsh was excellent, (Jacob) Weitering was very good… nobody (on the front line) was doing anything above and beyond. (Jack) Silvagni popped up with a couple (of goals)… and when they needed Charlie (Curnow) in the last quarter of an hour, he popped up.

“Their little attackers… they all did their bit, they were up front and square. It’s these nameless players, but they played a part.”

Speaking to reporters after the game, Voss said the win over the Giants was a significant step forward for his squad.

“With a transformation year – which is essentially what we are – we have these great transformation moments. They’re all very important to have,’ Voss said.

“The longer your journey, you can really achieve defining victories. It really doesn’t matter how the rest of the year goes because it doesn’t change at this point.

Zac Fisher of the Blue. Photo: Mark KolbeSource: Getty Images

“The guys really wanted to do it right, they understood the challenge ahead. We didn’t have the game on our terms for large parts of the game and GWS could just struggle back as we slowly got out of it and they came back and we were able to run away with the game in the end.

“We’d like to think that with that constant pressure we could exert and that constant presence in our front half was a little too much for them to overcome.”

King said Voss’s comments after the game reminded him of how Demons coach Simon Goodwin addressed the media during Melbourne’s development years.

“I think Simon Goodwin used the same language when they were ticking off things Melbourne hadn’t done in a decade, and you start building a little momentum internally and say ‘OK, we can get that done,'” King said.

“It’s small goals and small steps, but I think he’s letting this group eat from the palm of his hand right now.”

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