Sydney Roosters' Daniel Tupou and Angus Crichton fist bump as pyrotechnics ignite behind them.

Governments, sponsors and players are participating in the NRL Magic Round, but there is room for improvement

What is Magic Round good for?

The idea of ​​a festival of footy is great to some.

Fans love it, at least the locals who like to go to the games in Brisbane or those who have enough money to fly into the city to do so.

The Queensland Government? Secure.

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk has said it is evidence of “Queensland’s ability to host world-class sporting events”, but it’s hard to imagine that the International Olympic Committee looked too deeply into the event when making its own. the difficult choice between Brisbane and no other bidders for the 2032 Olympic hosting rights

She said it was the biggest thing to happen to the rugby league in Queensland since the Maroons won eight consecutive State of Origin series – a quick reminder that the Broncos-Cowboys grand final in 2015 has fallen in the window since.

The Queensland Prime Minister has also made no secret of her delight at seeing hotel rooms fully booked all over the city.


It’s a money consuming tourist boon, and no one pretends it isn’t.

Local casinos and bars like to jump on board with “Magic Weekend” offers and the like, which somewhat explains why the state government was so eager to hold the event in Brisbane; going so far as to claim that it invented the idea that has been a regular feature of the Super League season in Europe for a decade.

The activities in front of the stadium – “brought by the beer from here” – and the different corners of the ground – from Chemist Warehouse, Bundy rum, Ampol – betray the cynical marketing nature of the whole enterprise, beloved by state stakeholders and the competition itself.

So too, the many players who have said Lang Park is their favorite ground for years should enjoy an extra chance to run around the impressively steep cauldron.

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