How sick are you if you get COVID twice?

So you start to feel unwell. Your throat hurts, your head hurts, you feel tired and you have to cough.

You have recently had COVID, but as we now know, it is possible to become re-infected.

But how sick do you get the second time?

While your symptoms are likely to be less severe, in some cases they can be worse. This is what we know so far.

After COVID you don’t have to test for 12 weeks

Current guidelines define you as an “approved case” for 12 weeks after the end of COVID isolation. If you get COVID-like symptoms in those 12 weeks, you don’t need to be tested.

The science behind this 12 week time frame is evolving. The original idea was that if you have recovered from COVID and you have a healthy immune system, you have developed immunity to reinfection. And with this you are protected for at least 12 weeks.

As the number of cases in Australia increases, so do the reports of reinfections. And it’s likely that reinfection is happening faster than we first thought.

What happens in our body?

To fight reinfection with a virus, a person must have developed a protective immune response.

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