‘I loved Johnny so much’: Amber Heard says she feared she would not survive marriage to Depp

Actor Amber Heard told jurors in a defamation lawsuit Monday that she filed for divorce from Johnny Depp in 2016 because she feared she would not survive physical abuse from him.

Under questioning by her lawyers, the Aquaman actor said she made the move after the Pirates of the Caribbean star threw a phone that punched her in the face.

The incident made her realize that the marriage was “falling apart” despite her efforts to mend it, she said.

At this point in their marriage, “the violence was now normal and not the exception,” Heard said.

The couple married in February 2015 and their divorce was finalized about two years later.

Heard said Depp threw the phone at her during an argument in May 2016 at a Los Angeles penthouse he owned.

The episode is one of several that Heard has featured in which she said Depp assaulted her.AP: Steve Helber

A few days later, she was given a temporary restraining order after a courthouse hearing and was widely photographed leaving the courthouse with a distinct red spot on her right cheek.

Heard said in her testimony Monday that she did not cooperate with agents responding to the couple’s penthouse, and said her personal interactions with agents were very limited.

Heard says she used makeup to cover her bruises

Discussing her makeup routine, she used a color correction wheel she called her “bruise kit” to cover up blemishes on her face.

She said over the years she learned to use green tones on the first day of a bruise to cover up redness, switching more to orange tones as the bruise turned blue and purple.

“I’m not going to walk around LA with bruises on my face,” she said.

Amber Heard stands in a courtroom with Johnny Depp in the foreground.
Johnny Depp denies Heard’s allegations of abuse.AP: Steve Helber

In previous testimonies, Depp said he never hit Heard or any woman and claimed she was the abuser in their relationship.

She also denied Depp’s claim that she had left feces in a bed at one of his homes after an argument on her birthday. A guard testified that Heard told him the stool was a “terrible joke.”

Heard said she hadn’t joked that day, adding that she was “not in a joking mood.”

“I had just been attacked on my 30th birthday by my husband, whom I was madly in love with and knew I had to leave,” she said.

Cross-examination ready to begin

Depp, 58, is suing Heard, 36, for $50 million for defaming him when she claimed she was a victim of domestic violence.

Heard has sued for $100 million, arguing that Depp smeared her by calling her a liar.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers would begin their cross-examination.

The lawsuit revolves around a December 2018 op-ed by Heard that appeared in the Washington Post. The article never mentioned Depp by name, but his attorney told the jurors it was clear that Heard was referring to him. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2017.

Depp, once one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, said Heard’s accusations cost him “everything”.

A new Pirates movie was put on hold and Depp was replaced in the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise, a Harry Potter spin-off.

Heard’s attorneys have argued that she was telling the truth and that her opinion protected free speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Closing arguments are scheduled for May 27.


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