Daniel Holmes of Married At First Sight Reveals Secret Steroid Addiction

Married at first sight‘s Daniel Holmes has opened up about his past steroid addiction that stemmed from when he was 23 years old.

The reality star, now 31, opened up in an honest post on Instagram, saying he “didn’t want to admit” that he was addicted to the drug, but had been using them until he signed up for the show last year.

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He then proudly revealed that he “hadn’t touched steroids for eight months,” praising his girlfriend Carolina Santos for helping him on his road to recovery.

“Something I talked about in my story recently was my past use of steroids and basically the fact that I had abused them from the age of 23 until before I signed up for MAFS,” he started.

“It was an addiction that I didn’t want to admit, but the reality is that in that seven to eight year period I never really got rid of it.

“I’ve been going without them for 8 months now (big thanks to @carolinaschimidt for that too) I can look back and realize how much it affected my life. There are side effects that I still deal with after years of dating my hormones.”

While steroids allow users to train harder and build up with immediate results, they are also incredibly dangerous and can cause serious health problems, including liver failure, heart problems and skin infections.

Married at First Sight: Daniel Holmes Reveals Past Steroid Addiction
Daniel Holmes of Married At First Sight is candid about his past with steroids. (Instagram)

Daniel continued: “Anyone who knows me well knows that I am very obsessive about the things I want to focus on. I have this obsession with being the best I can be, one of the reasons why I would bodybuild competitively, unfortunately that meant peddling.

“I’ve done boxing and Muay Thai here and there but always wanted to take boxing more seriously, unfortunately I was a big juice lover so the two don’t really go together lol but I’m in a position now where I can really focus working on it.

“My body naturally feels better and I’m very motivated. It’s super important for me to direct my competitive/obsessive behavior in the right direction and with that my coach @stevenrados and I work very closely at @bondiboxingclub to get me there. get I want to be.”

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Daniel Holmes of Married At First Sight Discusses Steroid Addiction
“It was an addiction I didn’t want to admit.” said Daniel. (Instagram)

Daniel has often been open and honest about his past struggles.

In an interview with 9Entertainment earlier this year, the groom explained that he had little contact with his mother during high school, only seeing her “for brief moments” from the age of 17.

“She just has a lot of her own issues, so it was really hard to be in a relationship,” Daniel said.

Daniel’s father, with whom he grew up, was also an alcoholic.

MAFS, Carolina Santos, Daniel Holmes.
Daniel also thanked his girlfriend Carolina Santos for helping him on his road to recovery. (Nine)

“He had his first beer at 8:00 AM and the last one at 10:00 PM,” Daniel said.

“I kind of kept my distance. I was quite introverted when I was younger. A lot in my room, playing games, making art, going out with friends. I just avoided it as much as possible.”

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Daniel had a difficult upbringing, but that forced him to make a change in his own life.

He turned to fitness, which he says helped structure his life.

MAFS 2022, married at first sight
Daniel spoke about his past troubles in a candid interview earlier this year. (Nine)

“The environment we grew up in was chaotic. I knew nothing about discipline, structure, health,” he said.

“Then I found the gym and I started learning all these things. I started correcting all these things that I hadn’t worked on before.

“It has helped in every way. I’m just healthier overall. The discipline you learn in the gym, you incorporate into other aspects of life.”

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