Giddey’s Thunderland No.2 NBA Draft Pick in Huge Win as Magic Takes Best

The Orlando Magic have won first pick in the 2022 NBA Draft for the fourth time in franchise history.

Thirty years after they first made a No. 1 pick – Shaquille O’Neal in 1992 – the Magic look will include a new franchise player in next month’s draw.

Orlando’s head coach Jamahl Mosley said, “There’s so much to look forward to… it’s going to be special.”

But in a massive win for Australian Josh Giddey, his Oklahoma City Thunder has claimed both second-choice and 12th-choice – with a taxing year of blatant refueling finally paying off.

Wed May 18

Wednesday 18 May

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Hugely talented prospects Jabari Smith of Auburn, Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga and Paolo Banchero of Duke are engaged in a three-pronged battle for the number one design pick, and all three attended the lottery in person.

Such is the quality of that trio, the Thunder won’t be disappointed to miss out on the best pick (a choice they’ve never gotten in franchise history) – but rather will be overjoyed at the chance to be a future face of the franchise to their young stars like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey.

Giddey’s Thunder eye 213cm freak; The big advantage of Aussie prospect: NBA draft stars to watch

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony immediately delivered a mock run of the top five, letting Smith go to Orlando as number one and Holmgren being selected by the Thunder.

Analyst Adrian Wojnarowski said the Thunder was clearly a big winner.

“For them to get a top pick and a chance at franchise player, it’s a great night for them,” he said.

Oklahoma City has amassed a staggering 17 first-round draft picks over the next five years and three first-round picks in 2022 — including the 12th pick courtesy of the Los Angeles Clippers in addition to their own No. 2 pick.

After fueling up to increase their chances of a top pick in this draft, the successful lottery could have a huge impact on Giddey’s future prospects with the franchise.


1st round:

1. Orlando

2. Oklahoma City

3. Houston

4. Sacramento

5. Detroit

6. Indiana

7. Portland

8. Los Angeles Lakers (to New Orleans)

9. San Antonio

10. Washington

11. New York

12. LA Clippers (to Oklahoma City)

13. Charlotte

14. Cleveland

15. New Orleans (to Charlotte)

16. Atlanta

17. Brooklyn (to Houston)

18. Chicago

19. Minnesota

20. Toronto (to San Antonio)

21. Denver

22. Utah (to Memphis)

23. Philadelphia^^

24. Milwaukee

25. Boston (to San Antonio)

26. Dallas

27. Miami

28. Golden State

29. Memphis

30. Phoenix (to Oklahoma City)

^^ This pick can be transferred to Brooklyn

2nd round:

31. Houston (to Indiana via Cleveland)

32. Orlando

33. Detroit (to Toronto via San Antonio, Washington and Chicago)

34. Oklahoma City

35. Indiana (to Orlando via Milwaukee)

36. Portland

37. Sacramento

38. Los Angeles Lakers (to San Antonio via Chicago and Washington)

39. San Antonio (to Cleveland via Utah)

40. Washington (to Minnesota via Cleveland)

41. New Orleans

42. New York

43. LA Clippers

44. Atlanta

45. Charlotte

46. ​​Brooklyn (to Detroit)

47. Cleveland**

48. Minnesota

49. Chicago (to Sacramento via Memphis and Detroit)

50. Denver (to Minnesota via Philadelphia)

51. Toronto (to Golden State via Philadelphia)

52. Utah (to New Orleans)

53. Boston

— Milwaukee (forfeited)

— Philadelphia (to Miami via Denver; forfeited by Miami)

54. Dallas (to Washington)

55. Golden State

56. Miami (to Cleveland via Indiana)

57. Memphis (to Portland via Utah)

58. Phoenix (to Indiana)

** This pick will be delivered via Atlanta to New Orleans or via New Orleans and Atlanta to Memphis

‘He can’t guard’! “He’s a cone!” † 01:06


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