‘Almost no one knew’: new blow to Depp’s biggest claim

It’s the bombshell allegation that underlies the whole Johnny Depp defamation case – but one witness has just offered a whole new perspective on it.

Entertainment industry expert Katherine Arnold told judges that Amber Heard’s opinion of herself as a victim of domestic violence had no bearing on Johnny Depp’s career.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50 million ($A67 million) for suggesting he killed her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Though she hasn’t named him, he claims her accusations are false and cost him lucrative movie roles. Heard has filed a counter-claim, asking for $100 million ($A134m) and alleging that she had suffered “rampant physical assault and abuse” at his hands.

When the trial resumed today, Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, asked Arnold for Depp’s claim that the play ruined his reputation and turned him into a Hollywood pariah.

“Almost no one knew the op-ed existed before he filed charges,” Arnold said. “Certainly not Disney.”

A Disney manager said to the court last week that opinion wasn’t on the company’s radar and hadn’t factored in any of their decisions regarding Depp’s career.

Depp’s team has claimed that the actor was dropped from the sixth pirates of the caribbean about the opinion, but Arnold testified that this is not true. There is no Pirates 6 currently in the works and studio bosses were already discussing taking the franchise in a different direction.

Depp is expensive, chronically late for admissions and surrounded by controversy that doesn’t fit the Disney brand, she said

The black mass The actor’s ongoing lawsuit has hurt him more than the opinion, she said.

“In reality, he is causing his own demise by bringing these lawsuits forward and continuing to ignite the fire of negative publicity around both.” said Arnold.

The expert added that it is Heard who has ruined his career due to Depp’s alleged defamatory statements through his lawyer who has called her allegations of abuse a hoax.

“She was on the precipice of a meteoric rise with… Aquarius before the alleged defamatory comments.

Heard “millions” lost after alleged smear campaign

Amber Heard’s career should have followed co-star Jason Momoa’s trajectory in AquariusGal Gadot in Wonder Woman and Ana de Armas in blade runner – instead it squeaked to a stop.

“They were all in a steady rise or a rapid rise,” entertainment consultant Katherine Arnold told the judges. “Her career should have followed the same upward trajectory.”

Arnold mentioned Heard’s role as Mera in Aquarius hair “A star is born moment.”

But after ex-husband Johnny Depp allegedly launched a smear campaign against her, she was unable to land a role or an ad campaign.

Arnold estimated how much money Heard lost by comparing the careers of other actors who had starred in successful superhero movies.

The expert said that after Depp and his lawyer allegedly called Heard’s abuse allegations a hoax, her role in Aquaman 2 minimized, L’Oréal dropped her from an ad campaign and no new offers came in.

The pundit said Heard should have made at least $20 million ($A28 million) from unrealized film and TV roles and endorsement deals — but didn’t specify an exact time period for the figure.

Amber Heard Has ‘Traits’ Of Borderline Personality Disorder

dr. David Spiegel, Amber Heard’s psychic witness on substance abuse and intimate partner violence, said the actress has “traits” of borderline and histrionic personality disorders, but not enough of them “to meet all the criteria” for a diagnosis.

Johnny Depp’s psychiatrist, Dr. Shannon Curry, Amber Heard diagnosed with both conditions.

Johnny Depp May Have Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Psychiatrist

Spiegel suggested on Monday that Depp is a narcissist, although the psychiatrist admitted he had not examined the actor directly.

Spiegel described narcissistic personality traits, including “poor control, rapid mood swings, excessive sense of admiration, adoration,” and attributed many of them to Depp.

“The fact that he thought Amber owed him something and only wanted to be with him because of his fame is an example of that,” Spiegel said of narcissistic traits. “I think jealousy is an example of that.”

During the cross-examination, Depp’s attorney Wayne Dennison asked Spiegel if he had diagnosed the actor with narcissistic personality disorder.

“I certainly would, if I didn’t, I certainly think so, but at least I’m going to say he has traits,” Spiegel replied. “So it’s a preliminary diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder.”

Dennison asked Spiegel if he had violated the Goldwater Rule, which barred mental health experts from diagnosing people they didn’t examine.

Spiegel said he hadn’t because he hadn’t made a definitive diagnosis.

Note that led Depp to bury the head in hands

Spiegel became combative during the cross-examination.

He said the fact that Depp had to feed his lines through an earpiece was consistent with cognitive decline caused by substance abuse.

During the cross-examination, Depp’s attorney Wayne Dennison said the actor used the earpiece to listen to music as part of his trial. He also asked Spiegel if he knew that Hollywood movie legend Marlon Brando also used an earpiece.

“Isn’t he dead?” Spiegel replied, after which Depp laughed and put his head in his hands. In another conversation, Spiegel admitted calling Depp an “idiot in planning” in his statement.

Depp’s behavior resembles a ‘perpetrator’ of domestic violence, says psychiatrist

“Mr. Depp exhibits behavior that is consistent with someone who is a substance abuser and with someone who is a perpetrator of intimate partner violence,” said Spiegel, an expert on addiction and intimate partner violence, also known as domestic violence.

Spiegel said Depp’s alcohol and cocaine use has affected his attention span and memory so much that the actor has to get his text in an earpiece.

This article originally appeared in Fox news and is reproduced with permission.

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