Bombshell as star to hold out in Depp case

Supermodel Kate Moss will be called as a witness after Amber Heard uttered five words that could greatly help Johnny Depp’s case.

Supermodel Kate Moss will take the stand in the explosive trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, as the legal teams bring out more big guns as the case wraps up in the coming days.

That could be very useful in Depp’s case. But it was only five words from Heard to call the fashion star.

The jury also saw disturbing images of the gory scene in Australia after a fight between the two on Monday, including a photo of the tip of Depp’s finger that was severed during the confrontation.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50 million ($A67 million) for suggesting he killed her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Though she hasn’t named him, he claims her accusations are false and cost him lucrative movie roles.

Ms. Heard has filed a counterclaim, asking for $100 million ($A134m) and alleging that she had suffered “unbridled physical assault and abuse” at his hands.

Depp sat on the witness stand for four days earlier in the trial when he was questioned about his relationship with Heard and alleged that he had abused his former wife.

But Heard’s team is toying with the idea of ​​questioning the star one more time.

However, legal experts have said the move could backfire.

“There is a risk that he will have more time to be sympathetic in the stands when it is actually Amber Heard’s time to present her case,” citizen attorney Katherine Lizardo told the court. New York Post

However, Depp’s lawyers rowed back and put the actor on the stand on Monday. His legal team told NBC News that his testimony “has been irrelevant to the heart of this matter”. But he could be called to the witness stand later in the week.

Supermodel testifies after five-word slip-up

Another big name to take the oath is supermodel Kate Moss, who has been announced to be making an appearance on Wednesday. The mail

In early May, Depp’s lawyers were seen celebrating when Heard suddenly brought up Moss during her testimony.

Heard told the court about an alleged 2015 brawl between Depp and her sister Whitney Henriquez, which took place near a staircase. Heard said she hit Depp because she was afraid he might have pushed her sister down the stairs.

Heard added that she immediately thought of “Kate Moss and the stairs”.

Those five words referred to a rumored – but never confirmed – incident.

In Depp’s 2020 UK defamation trial, Heard also brought up the alleged incident, saying she had “heard” Moss had been pushed down a flight of stairs.

Conduct that is not related to the case in question should generally not be brought in by lawyers because it is not relevant. But Heard, who brought up the incident of his own accord, has given Depp an opportunity to call Moss as a witness to address the allegation, the statement said. New York Post

The couple were in a relationship from 1994 – 1997. It was tumultuous at times and Depp had to pay $14,000 in damages after he destroyed a hotel room following an argument with Moss.

But it is believed she is still on good terms with the actor and his legal team will be too hoping she will put that rumor to rest as well as scotting an allegation of violence.

Bloody scene shown to the court

Monday morning, the court heard from a medical expert and a psychiatrist — chosen by Heard’s lawyers — who had examined the couple’s relationship, medical records and testimony.

dr. Richard Moore, an orthopedic surgeon, gave evidence of how Depp seriously injured his finger

How exactly Depp tore a piece from his finger during the couple’s trip to Australia in 2015 was a central question in the case.

Heard has claimed that Depp caused the damage to himself when he became enraged and pulled an antique telephone off the wall. But the pirates of the caribbean Star said the visceral injury was the result of Heard slamming a vodka bottle into his hand.

Moore said he doubted the serious injuries to Depp’s finger could have been caused by a vodka bottle. He said the Depp team’s explanation of the injuries was inaccurate because of where Depp said his hand was, no shards of glass were found in the wound, and the fingernail was mostly intact.

“Based on the injury pattern, I can say that the described mechanism of injury (the bottle) is inconsistent with medical findings”.

The testimony of Dr. Moore bolsters Heard’s claim that Depp caused the injuries himself.

However, Camille Vasquez, one of Depp’s attorneys, tried to disprove Dr. Moore’s testimony. She said he couldn’t rule out a vodka bottle as the cause, as he wasn’t in Australia to treat Depp or examine the injury.

But Mr Moore insisted he could “rule out the injury” as described by Depp.

The doctor was then shown images of the bloody scene at Depp and Heard’s Australian home, where the fingertip had been cut off.

In one shot, a tissue showed Depp’s finger strip.

In another depiction of the scene, strewn with broken glass and drink cans, Ms Vasquez said a broken vodka bottle was clearly visible.

Mr Moore admitted that he had not seen the footage of the scene. Ms Vasquez suggested that his opinion of the incident might have been different had he looked at the photos. But Heard’s legal team said it wasn’t even clear from the photo that it was a broken vodka bottle on the floor.

Another witness, psychiatrist Dr David Spiegel, said Depp exhibited “consistent behavior for someone who commits intimate partner violence.”

dr. Spiegel said his behavior suggested someone was abusing drugs and alcohol.

“We know he needed his text for movies. He actually confessed that he made a movie that was completely wasted,” said Dr. Mirror.

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