Inside Tom Cruise’s Remarkable Career Turn

A succession of box office flops and PR disasters threatened to hamper Tom Cruise – now he faces the most important week of his career.

It’s a big week for Tom Cruise.

After a PR blitz that has dazzled him at Cannes, walked the red carpet with Prince William and Kate Middleton and nearly overshadowed the Queen, it’s time for paying gamblers to pass their verdict on his latest blockbuster hit.

Follow-up Top Gun: Maverick hits theaters Thursday, buoyed by near-universal critical acclaim.

No wonder the 59-year-old’s signature smile has been beaming every TV, newspaper and website for months.

It’s a moment of triumph for the man whose bizarre behavior once threatened to derail his career.

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As one source put it: “Tom feels on top of the world. It was a gamble to get a classic movie like Top Gun But it looks like it paid off.”

So how did Cruise regain his crown as Hollywood’s golden boy?

For starters the reviews for Top Gun: Maverick have given this never-shy and reclusive actor some much-needed rocket fuel.

Film pundits Box office Pro predict it will be in the top five box office hits of the summer, with projected revenues of more than $500 million for the sequel to the 1986 classic. Top Gun

Cruise, who has been separated from third wife Katie Holmes, 43, for ten years, also seems to be bitten by the love bug again.

As we revealed last week, he’s back with British actress Hayley Atwell, 40, going so far as to take her to last week’s London premiere of the Top Gun follow-up.

A nine month romance with his MI7 co-star passed out in September, but the pair would “get close” again in recent weeks.

Cruise’s looks have also moved closer to the handsome face that graced many a teen’s bedroom wall in the 1980s, suggesting he’s in a better place.

Bizarre Claims About Scientology

Fans had expressed concern that he appeared to have gone under the knife too many times afterward have a puffy and puffy face

But perhaps one of the most important things that has changed in Cruise’s public profile is his relationship with Scientology.

For years he was closely associated with the controversial church.

At one point, he was even said to be number two behind David Miscavige, who best manned Cruise’s 2006 wedding to Holmes.

But his ties to it are now unclear, and there are questions as to whether he dumped it altogether.

While filming in England, he previously stayed at the church’s UK headquarters – Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead – and was heavily involved in an expensive renovation of the site in 2015.

But there is widespread speculation that he left the church after choosing to live in a rented flat in central London and a remote house in Kent during filming. Mission Impossible for 2021.

A source on set told The sun that Tom was “withdrawn” when the pressure to work on Mission Impossible7 piling up, adding: “He’s really keeping himself to himself, but something seems to have changed.

“He’s got the helicopter, so he can go anywhere really fast, but he hasn’t been to East Grinstead at all.

“Some of us wonder if the Covid situation and his religious beliefs are pulling him in different directions with so much pressure to get this movie done.”

Introduced to the controversial religion — which believes humans are alien reincarnations and has been compared to a cult — by first wife Mimi Rogers, 66, whom he divorced in 1990, Cruise’s A-List status made him a valuable asset and industry leader. advocate for the movement.

Second wife Nicole Kidman, 54, whom he married in 1990, initially plunged into the religion and took daily classes in its teachings.

But when she became disillusioned and tried to pull him away, leader Miscavige reportedly plotted a plot to break up the couple.

Before Cruise fell in love with third wife Katie Holmes in 2005, four years after Kidman’s divorce, it was alleged that the church had auditioned for potential mates for him and that she had the approval of the Batman Begins star because she was 16 years younger and could attract a new generation of recruits.

The Church of Scientology “categorically denied” that Miscavige or anyone at the church was involved in Kidman’s breakup, dismissing claims of a partner audition as “false gossip”.

Just a month after Cruise met Holmes, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show to promote his film War of the Worldsbut instead created one of the most bizarre episodes in talk show history.

After talking about his newfound romance and declaring “I’m in love,” he hopped on the couch and began jumping up and down in a manic display of unbridled glee for an obviously alarmed Oprah.

The same year, he got into a heated debate with talk show host Matt Lauer over actress Brooke Shields’ disclosure that she had been taking antidepressants to fight depression after giving birth.

Cruise criticized prescription drugs and slammed psychiatry, which he called a “pseudo-science.”

He raged, ‘This is the problem: you don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do,’ he roared. He later admitted that his behavior came across as “arrogant”.

As a result, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone canceled Paramount’s 14-year relationship with Cruise’s production company, Cruise/Wagner.

“As much as we personally like him, we thought it was wrong to extend his contract,” he said at the time. “His recent behavior is not acceptable to Paramount.”

The star’s fall coincided with a proliferation of superhero movies that relied on CGI and special effects, rather than Cruise’s trademark spectacular stunts.

The damage was further exacerbated in 2008 when a nine-minute video of his speech to a Scientology meeting was leaked online.

Recorded in 2004, it showed Cruise making outlandish claims about the religion’s adherents, including: “As a Scientologist, it’s not like anyone else when you drive past an accident.

“When you drive by, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help.”

He also claimed that Scientology would eventually take over the world and that SPs – Suppressive Persons (religious critics) – would be attributed to history.

He ended by calling Scientology an “explosion” and laughing maniacally. The church claimed the clips had been heavily edited.

Scientology is said to have contributed to Katie Holmes’ split in 2012, after six years of marriage. Although the couple never spoke of the divorce, friends have claimed that Holmes wanted to protect daughter Suri, now 16, from a church upbringing.

By this time, his star was back in the ascendant, with a brilliant cameo as dance studio boss Less Grossman in tropical thunder regaining a legion of fans and a return to the Mission Impossible franchise, featuring the 2011 film Ghost protocol — which brought in $970 million at the box office — signaling a renewed relationship with Paramount.

With many moviegoers becoming critical of the CGI superhero blockbusters, Cruise’s stunt-laden action genre began to enjoy a resurgence, and he went on to star in Jack Reacher, two more Mission Impossible movies and Edge of tomorrow.

But there would be more embarrassing incidents – especially the… expletives riddled with lockdown rant on the set of Mission Impossible 7 last year, when he told the crew they’d be “damn out” if they broke the guidelines again, adding, “We’re not shutting down this fucking movie.”

cruise later defended the eruptionwhich came after two Covid shutdowns caused horrendous delays and mounting production costs.

“There was a lot at stake at the time,” he said rich magazine. “I thought about the people I work with and my industry. And for the whole crew to know that we were starting a movie, it was just a huge relief.”

Despite frustration at the delays, the lockdown seems to have given him time to focus on his career again.

A less controversial profile is undoubtedly more palatable to Hollywood bigwigs.

Now firmly back in the Paramount fold – with both Top Gun: Maverick and two Mission Impossible Watch movies – executives can breathe a sigh of relief and start counting the loot.

Because one thing that is beyond doubt is that when Tom Cruise is in shape, there is a lot of money to be made.

Over a career spanning four decades, Cruise’s blockbuster films – including Top Gun, Jerry Maguire and Born on July 4th – have made more than $14 billion at the box office and he is one of the highest paid actors of all time.

And with Top Gun: Maverick, he flies high again.

This article originally appeared on The sun and was reproduced with permission

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