Hidden truth in glamorous new Meghan Markle photos

A highly dressed Meghan Markle showed up at Prince Harry’s benefit match and gave a rare PDA performance. But maybe not everything is what it seemed.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a hat is much more than a hat. Even a cursory glance through the dozens and dozens of new photos that have come out Meghan, Duchess of Sussex Took pictures today at a charity polo match hosted by her and her husband Prince Harry on the weekend, and the very first thing anyone will notice is The Hat.

Atop the former HRH’s perfectly coiffed locks was a striking black wide-brimmed hat, which we haven’t seen her wear so dramatically since she escaped the clutches of royal life.

Overall, the combination of The Hat, paired with a polka dot shirt, $1118 pleated shorts from New York brand Khaite, $887 Aquazurra heels and a perfect red lip, the 40-year-old actress turned royal and Netflix -rental looked just like the California starlet. (Less fortunate comparisons immediately popped up on social media, including the one involving the horrible stepmother in the parentage and to My beautiful lady Eliza Doolittle.)

But is anyone buying this over-the-top outfit?

Did Meghan just wake up and decide that some old-fashioned Hollywood glamor was the order of the day as she would be handing out the winners’ trophies? Or, in Cecil B. DeMille style, was she just preparing for her close-up?

That’s a question no one would have asked last week, but just a few days ago page six broke the news that the couple is supposedly engaged in “‘home with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ style docuseries for Netflix as part of their reported $140 million deal with the streaming giant.

(Obviously, a “home” series, watching the couple bicker over who’s had the last of macadamia milk or whose turn it is to use the Tibetan singing room downstairs, is a far cry from the lofty content they’ll be sharing in September. promised 2020 when their Netflix deal was first unveiled by the New York Times† Curiously, the Gray Lady has yet to report on the Duke and Duchess’ incursion into what sounds very much like reality TV territory.)

so was Meghan’s uber glamor show only on weekends? A made-for-TV moment?

Despite being photographed at polo matches for years, we’ve never seen a look like this.

Exhibit A) If you look far too long at the dozens and dozens of shots of Meghan taken at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club and one thing is obvious: the vast majority of the others in attendance were not wearing anything, not even remotely dressed like them. There were white shirts, the occasional hoodie and sundresses galore, but no other contestant, male or female, was groomed to perfection.

co-participant Rebel Wilson posted photos of herself at the event wearing jeans and a blazer while photos were shared on Delfina Blaquier’s Instagram account, with Blaquier, wife of Harry’s polo teammate Nacho Figueras, opting for a modest patterned dress and a straw hat with what looked like a hole in it.

Exhibit B) Polo has long been a part of Sussex life. In 2017, when Meghan, then a royal friend, attended a pair of chukkas with her boyfriend for the first time, she wore a chic tailored black dress and wedges.

The following year, at the same event, she wore a patterned sundress, sandals, and a Panama hat on one day and black jeans and a white ballerina shirt on the other.

He later appeared at a fundraiser for Harry’s Sentebale Polo Cup in a simple navy Carolina Herrera dress.

n 2019, when Meghan attended the polo in July with a newborn Archie, she opted for a relaxed linen Lisa Marie Fernandez dress.

On each of these occasions, she looked simply stunning. And on each of these occasions, she didn’t look nearly as stylized as this week’s outing.

Exhibit C) The last two times we’ve seen Harry and Meghan go on very public outings – in September and November in New York – footage has emerged showing cameras following the pair.

And similarly, on each of these occasions, including visiting Ground Zero, the UN, taking the stage at a Global Citizen concert in Central Park, and walking the red carpet at a Veterans Day gala, we saw the Duchess in similar fashion. her head up-to-toe designer clog with not a blow-dried hair out of place. (Say what you will about the 40-year-old, but she has to be one of the most photogenic people on the planet.)

I hear you ask in the back, does this really matter? Does it matter if they are followed by a crew on weekends? That Meghan looked like she’d spent hours in hair and makeup before heading out?

And the answer is yes, it does.

Because this is all about the issue of trust.

With all the signs pointing to Harry and Meghan filming a ‘docuseries’, can we believe what we see? After allegedly crossing over into what’s a lot like the reality TV world, can we ever accept what we see them do, say, or wear on the face of it?

Sure, there’s an argument that inviting cameras along for the ride is a way to draw attention to the things they care deeply about, including mental health and gender equality, but a more insidious corollary is that going this route can affect their personal lives. motivation.

In the coming months, every time we see them participate in a humanitarian outing, conference, kaffeeklatsch, gabfest or charity, the question will be: are they doing it for altruistic reasons or because it will make good TV?

(Neither the Sussex camp or Netflix has the page six report, however, they have not denied it either, which is remarkable considering how hastily the Duke and Duchess have in the past sent legal letters when the press has published false claims.)

Take Sunday’s polo match, which benefited local charities. Was inviting a second batch of Hollywood stars really the most effective way to raise money? Or did it just make for a more engaging viewing experience? Harry and Meghan using the phones to get their money mates for donations might be more effective in dollar terms, but it would hardly make for binge-worthy content.

Whether Harry and Meghan’s polo outing was caught by a camera crew or not, the fact that there’s no reason not to assume they’re doing a ‘docuseries’ remains crippled and bad.

When the pair spoke to Oprah Winfrey last year, they very clearly appealed to the British press, pointing the finger at Fleet Street’s predatory interest in the pair as a key factor in exiting royal life.

Likewise, when interviewed by TV presenter James Cordern, Harry said: “We all know what the British press can be like and it destroyed my sanity.

“I was like, this is so toxic…. But as far as I’m concerned we never ran away, whatever decisions were made on that side – I will never run away. I will always contribute, my life is a public service, wherever I am in the world, it will be the same.”

And yet here we are, the couple who seemingly fling open the doors to their private world when a multi-billion dollar corporation wanders with their bulging checkbook.

If these “docuseries” are indeed a reality TV series in wolf’s clothing, then they have essentially sold their private lives to the highest bidder.

In February 2021, after the Queen ruled that they must give up their royal patronage, the Sussexes released a tantalizing statement, including the barbed wire: ‘service is universal’. In this they are right – nobody needs a title to try to make the world a little better.

But how does that apparent dedication to “service” relate to this new world where they’re filming a “home” TV show?”

As Harry Cordern adamantly said, “my life is a public service,” but is it? No matter how noble his intentions and pure of heart, how can one’s life be “dedicated to service” when they have huge deals that Spotify and Netflix must fulfill, a memoir to write, a day job as Chief Impact Officer for a unicorn in Silicon Valley, acting as an “impact partner” at a Wall Street investment firm, should help organize the successful Invictus Games and be part of the Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder?

There are only a finite number of hours in a day, even if your grandmother happens to be queen and you have a house full of staff.

sigh. This all feels like a mess.

In any case, clutter and chaos make for great TV. That and a huge black hat.

Daniela Elser is a royal pundit and writer with over 15 years experience working with a number of leading Australian media titles.

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