How To Find Free E-Books for Kindle, Browser, Phone, and More

How to Find Free Ebooks for Kindle, Browser, Phone and More

You may think you have to spend money to fill your e-reader with great literature, but that is not the case. If you know where to look, you can find a lot of free eBooks to add to your collection, and you’ll find that many of them are better than the paid stuff too. It doesn’t matter which model of e-reader (or e-reader app) you use, you can find free e-books here.

How to get free e-books on your e-reader

First, when it comes to actually reading your eBooks, you have a range of choices. Many will simply open directly in your browser. Some of the services we’ve mentioned below also have special options to send your chosen titles directly to your e-reader.

The most common formats you will encounter on your free ebook travels are EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. If you have a Kobo eReader, you can get these files to your device by: connect to a computer and then just drag and drop the files.

For those of you using one Amazon Kindleyou can use Send to Kindle to convert your free eBooks into the correct format. To do this, you can use a browser extensionor a desktop program for Windows or macOSor send the files to your personalized Send to Kindle e-mail address

Borrow ebooks

With Libby you can borrow e-books from the library. (screenshot: Libby)

Your local library may lend you free e-books, just like the regular print versions. First, you’ll need to register at your nearest library – you may have to do this in person, but some locations now allow you to do it virtually.

Once that’s done, you’ll need an app. There are a few to choose from, but the best might be Libbyavailable on Android and iOS: When you launch the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted for your library account information, then you can start browsing.

The offer depends on your library, and if you have borrowed a book, you can find it under Shelf and Loans† Press Read with… and you can choose to open the eBook for reading in the Libby app or send it to your Kindle or other eReader device.

Read public domain e-books

Copyright laws vary from country to country, but no matter where you live, chances are you can find a great deal of older, classic literature that is in the public domain and also in e-book format. All you need then is an e-book repository to point you in the right direction.

Project Gutenberg is the oldest and probably the most famous example: you will find things like pale housePride and Prejudiceand The Great Gatsby here, plus thousands of others. You can read eBooks in your browser or get them in EPUB or Kindle format.

We also like the Open Library, which is part of the Internet Archive — check it out A Midsummer Night’s Dream or A room with a view, for example. This portal combines both e-books that are completely free and e-books that you can borrow, library style.

More free eBooks

Manybooks allows you to browse e-books by genre.  (Screenshot: Manybooks)Manybooks allows you to browse e-books by genre. (Screenshot: Manybooks)

Sometimes writers release their work for free, with no questions asked: maybe they want the exposure, maybe it’s just a labor of love, maybe it’s for some other reason. Of course, the quality of these types of eBooks can vary from title to title, but they are there.

We would recommend Many books as a good starting point for these types of searches, as it categorizes works by genre and is easy to find. You can also find free e-books on Twitteralthough you may have to do some thorough sifting to get to the best material.

DailyLit takes a slightly different approach to eBooks: it delivers them in installments, to your email inbox, with a small amount of ads attached. Not all of the eBooks DailyLit offers are completely free, but many are, covering a wide variety of genres.

Get Free eBooks with Amazon Deals

Amazon has the largest e-book store out there, but free offers can be found among the paid titles. It can be a chore to access the free content – Amazon would of course prefer you pay – but if you keep digging, you’ll find it.

Do a search or click through any of the categories in the navigation pane on the left, and you can then sort by price (from lowest to highest) using the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Keep in mind that some free titles are part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Perhaps an easier way to browse all the free content on the Amazon Kindle e-book store is to go to Book without money, which does an excellent job of collecting and curating free titles. Again, some are from Kindle Unlimited, but you can spot these easily enough.

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