‘Insane’: Johnny Depp beats Heard

Johnny Depp was back in the stands today and he wasted no time explaining Heard’s “extraordinary” claims, while also saying she gave him a “gloss”.

Amber Heard was visibly moved to tears when an email was reportedly read from Johnny Depp in which he reportedly described his wife as a “gold digger, low life” whom he couldn’t wait to get her out of my life. to have. ‘ and that he had met a ‘sublime little Russian’.

Depp was back in the stands on Wednesday. While his testimony seemed at times disjointed, he put it together to refute Heard’s claims of violence, labeling them as “bizarre, insane, ridiculous, primitive, cruel” and “all false.”

He also said Heard’s fear of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss, was “all in her head,” and that he helped her land the part in Aquarius

In addition, he claimed that Heard gave him a “shiner” while traveling on the luxury train of the Orient Express in Thailand.

Depp had already been questioned at length from both sides in the trial at the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia, close to Washington DC.

Heard’s team said they would call him back to the stands but decided not to. However, Depp’s own attorneys have decided to bring him back to refute some of the witnesses’ claims since he first took the position.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50 million ($A67 million) for suggesting he killed her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Though she hasn’t named him, he claims her accusations are false and cost him lucrative movie roles.

Heard has filed a counter-charge, asking for $100 million ($A134 million) and alleging she had suffered “rampant physical assault and abuse” at his hands, but was vilified when she was alleged to have fabricated the charges.

Heard smiles as Depp claims he helped with film roll

During the trial, Heard had said that Depp hadn’t helped her land a part in the film Aquarius

“It’s not quite true,” Depp said today.

He was asked when Heard first auditioned for: Aquarius

His response was a long, rambunctious anecdote about how he remembered the date as it coincided with the day of a performance for his band.

Heard was seen looking surprised and sometimes laughing as Depp recounted the evening. Finally, after about two minutes, Depp said the date was September 24.

He said he spoke to three Warner Brothers executives at Heard’s request to help her… Aquarius role.

“She got the job and so hopefully I’ve mitigated their concerns to some extent.”

Depp: Moss abuse ‘all in Heard’s mind’

Earlier in the day, the court had heard of British supermodel Kate Moss who was questioned about a specific incident in Jamaica referred to in Heard’s trial. It was rumored that Depp had thrown Moss down a flight of stairs while they were dating.

Moss had flatly denied that such an incident had taken place. “He never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down a flight of stairs.”

Depp also pushed back on the allegation.

“Mrs. Heard took the story and turned it into a very ugly incident, all in her mind.

“There has never been a time when I have pushed Kate down a flight of stairs. Yet (Heard) has spit this out three times before.”

Depp: Heard gave me a ‘shiner’

However, Depp did claim that Heard hit him on the luxury Orient Express train during their honeymoon.

“Something would become unsatisfactory for her and she would start raging, the blossoming of a fight, and at one point I remember I took a pretty good shot in the face, in the eye, so I had a bit of a glow .

“But it all ended and then we would have dinner and it was all good”.

The judges were shown a photo of the train and one from Singapore, Depp claims, had a black eye.

However, Heard’s team wondered if the grainy images did indeed show a black eye or if it was just a shadow over his face.

He also described his version of the events of 2015 when he cut off his finger after an argument in their rented apartment in Australia.

Heard said Depp injured himself when he yanked a phone off the wall. Depp, on the other hand, said Heard threw two bottles at him. One went over his head while another hit his and it was on the bar, he said.

“I miss it,” he said with the tip of his finger.

Depp was asked about his drug use and denied ever taking eight to ten MDMA pills in one night, as stated.

“No, I haven’t, because then I would be dead.”

Heard’s accusations ‘insane, ridiculous, brutal, cruel’

A central part of Heard’s case is that she was vilified by Depp through his former attorney Adam Waldron.

A number of news articles have been published in which Mr. Waldron made various comments about Heard, including calling her alleged abuse by Depp a “hoax”.

But Depp said he never saw the comments when they were published and didn’t see many of them until after Heard filed her counterclaim. He said the comments seemed like a “many word salad” to me.

In court, Heard could be seen laughing and shaking his head at the comments.

Depp was asked what it was like to listen to Heard’s characterization of him during the trial.

“It is insane to hear horrific allegations of sexual assault that she has accused me of.

“I don’t think anyone enjoys breaking open and telling the truth, but you just have to do it because it gets out of hand,” Depp said.

“It is horrible, humiliating, ridiculous, painful, cruel, imaginably brutal and cruel.

“And all false”.

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