Toyota cuts production again for May and June

Japanese giant Toyota has again cut production at its factories in its home market, affecting nearly all of its most popular models.

car giant Toyota has announced another round of production cuts for its Japanese factories – with more than 15 production stoppages since the beginning of this year alone – as it continues to battle chronic parts shortages.

The latest cut will reportedly cut 100,000 cars from Toyotas production plans for June – to about 850,000 vehicles – due to ongoing semiconductor shortages, coupled with the COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai affecting parts supply.

It builds on production cuts announced in the past month, pushing Toyota’s forecast for the number of vehicles scheduled to roll off the production line in May to 700,000 – down from the monthly average of 900,000 that started in May. 2022 was announced.

The breaks are likely to further extend wait times for new Toyota buyers in Australia, who are already faced with wait times of more than 12 months for popular models including the RAV4 Hybrid – or up to two and a half years for the LandCruiser 70- series with four wheels. to ride.

Toyota Australia has been contacted for comment. Meanwhile, Toyota’s global headquarters said in a statement: “Due to the impact of semiconductor shortages, we have adjusted our production plan by tens of thousands of units worldwide from the number provided to our suppliers at the beginning of the year.

“The average global production plan from June to August is approximately 850,000 units and 9.7 million units for the full fiscal year 2023,” the statement said.

“Semiconductor shortages, the spread of COVID-19 and other factors make it difficult to look ahead, but we will continue to do everything we can to deliver as many vehicles as possible to our customers as soon as possible.”

The affected Toyota models are the C-HR, Yaris Cross, GR Yaris, Corolla, RAV4, LandCruiser 70 and 300 series and Prado, while the affected Lexus cars are the LC, ES, LS, UX, NX, RX and LX to be.

The Lexus NX and UX ranges are among the hardest hit, with shutdowns on June 2 and 3 leading to nine days without production during May.

Production of Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, 300 Series and Lexus LX will be interrupted for 10 days between May 16 and 28, while Toyota’s three RAV4 production lines will be paused between three and eight days.

For a full list of Toyota’s most recent production cuts in May and June – and those announced earlier this month for May – click here to visit the company’s website. Below is a table of the affected factories building model lines sold in Australia.

Factory Affected models (models sold in Australia only)
Motomachi Toyota GR Yaris, Lexus LC
Toyota Industries Corporation Toyota RAV4
Eastern Japan Iwate Toyota C-HR
Kyushu Miyata (line 1) Lexus NX (including PHEV), Lexus UX (including electric)
Kyushu Miyata (line 2) Lexus ES, RX
Eastern Japan Miyagi Ohira Toyota Yaris Cross
Body Fujimatsu Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series
Body Yoshiwara Toyota LandCruiser 300 and 70 Series, Lexus LX
Tahara (line 1) Toyota Prado
Tahara (line 2) Lexus LS, NX
Takoaka (line 1) Toyota Corolla (saloon)
Takoaka (line 2) Toyota RAV4
Tsutsumi Toyota Corolla sedan

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