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7 Best Interior Designs for Minecraft (2022)

Building is one of Minecraft‘s most popular mechanics. Players can build anything they want in the sandbox world of the game. In addition, the fact that the world stretches almost infinitely gives players plenty of room to try whatever construction they have in mind.

While many players only focus on the exterior of a build, other players go all out, building detailed and aesthetically pleasing interiors for their builds. Each build has a theme or an inspiration, and the interior, as well as the exterior, shows the theme.

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Minecraft players can use these creative interior design ideas

The following ideas were taken from builders on Reddit, and each of them contains valuable information to help players improve their design game.

7) Interior of the survival house

This small survival home is quaint and uses prismarine and dark oak as its primary building blocks. It even has a working chimney and the interior of this building consists of three floors. The top floor has a small bedroom with two single beds beds and blocks such as chests, bookshelves, lanterns, and trapdoors; there are also other items such as banners and an amethyst geode.

The first floor is larger and has blocks in the form of furniture such as sofas, couches, chairs, tables and more. A kitchen can be seen with brick as the primary block. On this floor, candles have been used for lighting instead of lanterns. An armor stand can also be seen in the corner, overlooking the search area with the prismarine benches.

The basement contains multiple blocks and workbench blocks such as ovens, craft tables, a blacksmith table, chests, tripwire, barrels, and more. In the corner is a small azalea tree, with an ender chest in front.

6) Tavern interior

This design focuses on a tavern interior. The very elaborate and detailed structure seems to have a nature theme. It contains several paintings of butterflies and tons of flora such as flowers, vines and other potted plants.

Much of the tavern is a sitting area, with a bar table made from stripped oak logs and trapdoors at the head of the room. Some blocks used a custom resource pack.

5) Castle interior

This gigantic castle design has two floors. The lower floor contains several rooms, some with chair-and-table arrangements, while the other rooms have fireplaces and large tables and shelves. The extensive use of shutters can be seen everywhere from their use as a stair support to their use as decorative items in the kitchen.

The upper floor has a small balcony in the building and a high ceiling. The decoration is done using barrels banners, ferns and lanterns. Stair doors are also used as railings for the balcony.

4) Battleship interior

This creative build depicts two mechanized animal mobs in Minecraft (a sheep and a cow) fighting each other. The detailed interior contains tons of rooms. An arsenal can be seen where there are some shield stands filled with armor sets. Weapons and tools are also displayed. A small covered farm can be seen with grazing sheep.

Other large rooms have a sitting area with sofas and chairs made of slabs and blocks. There is also a central room made with several red blocks like concrete powder and redstone blocks, a huge storage area with multiple chests, another arsenal, multiple sitting rooms, a dormitory, and many connecting hallways and corridors.

3) Modern home interior

This simple and aesthetic Minecraft build is made of concrete and stone bricks. This modern home design has two levels. The ground floor has a small dining and sitting area with a table made of white wool blocks and several barrels in the kitchen.

A wooden staircase leads to the upper floor, where two paintings hang on the wall. A large window can be seen that brings natural lighting into the room. Some bookshelves and another table can be seen in the room.

2) Steampunk castle with interior

This “megabuild” consists of a gigantic castle built with the “steampunk” building design as inspiration. The bedroom is the first on display, with a four-poster bed and fireplace. The library has another fireplace and seating system with tons of bookshelves.

The kitchen shows a large room with a table with pastries and sea ​​pickles† The room also features barrels, lanterns, plants, glowing item frames, and more. Finally, there is a room with a circular structure that represents a kind of machine and that contains lightning rods, enhancing the steampunk look.

1) Modern townhouse with appliances

This design uses a Minecraft mod called ModernArch. The mod has a strong focus on realism and produces photorealistic visuals for every block and surface in the game. This makes items such as end bars and lanterns look beautiful while playing.

This modern mansion has tons of rooms and even more hallways. The layout resembles that of a regular mansion, with a dining room, several bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, TVs, sofas, tables, a jacuzzi, a pool, balconies and more.

This Minecraft mod even comes with custom items like shower heads, toilets, mirrors, and other furniture, all of which are featured in the build’s video.

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