Heard’s Furious Clash With Depp’s Star Lawyer

A bad-tempered courtroom dispute erupted between Amber Head and Depp attorney Camille Vasquez with the Aquaman star accused of being a liar

Amber Heard has clashed with Johnny Depp’s legal team, telling star attorney Camille Vasquez who recoiled from repeated claims that the Aquaman star told “lies” and that Depp was the real victim in their relationship.

The trial is now approaching a pointed end with Heard being called back to the stands on Thursday as the final witness.

Closing arguments will be heard on Friday with a likely ruling next week after Monday’s Memorial Day holiday in the US.

A tearful Heard also said she was left “humiliated” and that the trial had left her the target of threats of violence.

“People want to kill me and they say so. Every day. People want to put my baby in the microwave. And they tell me that,” she said.

Thursday’s session also heard from an imaging expert who countered Depp’s team’s claims that Heard may have digitally altered images of her alleged bruises.

The Aquarius star is being sued by Depp for $50 million ($A67 million) for allegedly abusing her in 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Though she hasn’t named him, he claims her accusations are false and cost him lucrative movie roles.

Heard has filed a counter-charge, asking for $100 million ($A134 million) claiming she had endured “rampant physical assault and abuse” at his hands, but was vilified herself when she was alleged to have fabricated the charges.

Heard: ‘I was harassed and humiliated’

Heard was recalled by her legal team as a rebuttal witness. It followed that Depp was recalled on Wednesday.

She was asked to explain the effect Adam Waldman’s 2020 media exposure had on her life.

Mr. Waldman was Depp’s attorney and said Heard’s allegations of abuse of Depp were a “hoax”. She has said he made these statements with Depp’s knowledge, Depp claims to deny.

“I am harassed, humiliated and threatened every day, even when I walk into this courtroom,” Heard said.

“Johnny promised me that if I ever left him, he would remind me of him every day that I live.

“In the intimidation and humiliation, the campaign against me that reverberates on social media every day. And now for cameras in this room. Every day I have to relive the trauma.”

Lawyer Depp: ‘Your lies have been exposed’

“Maybe it’s easy to forget, but I’m human.”

Camille Vasquez, Depp’s attorney, then examined Heard as the couple immediately bumped their heads.

“Your lies have been exposed to the world,” said Ms. Vasquez.

“I didn’t lie about anything,” Heard said.

Vasquez told Heard that it was she who tipped off TMZ that she would be at a Los Angeles courthouse to file a restraining order against Depp so that the gossip website could take paparazzi photos of her supposedly bruised face.

“I didn’t call TMZ or any other news source or paparazzi source, nobody,” Heard said.

“What real domestic violence survivor wants that?”

Ms. Vasquez captured footage of what she believes was the day after Heard’s restraining order and a friend smiling with no visible bruising.

Heard said she had no idea if it was the next day, or if it was much later. She added that she wore makeup most of the time, so if it was the next day, the bruise might have been covered.

Heard: ‘I don’t think so’

The two further clashed when Ms. Vasquez showed Heard an image of a spilled wine bottle on a floor and asked her to identify it as having been taken after a December 15, 2015 fight between her and Depp. Heard testified against the date earlier in the trial.

But Heard struggled to confirm the photo was from that incident, despite it being introduced as evidence by her legal team.

Ms. Vasquez then put forward an identical image and said Heard determined it had been taken on May 21, 2016, some five months later.

A back and forth between the two followed with Heard telling Depp’s lawyer to just look at the metadata on the images to clear up the date confusion.

“If you told the truth, you would know (the date),” said Ms. Vasquez.

“There’s a portion of spilled wine on a floor and I’m supposed to memorize (the date) when you’re going through five years of this stuff?

“I don’t think so, that’s not how it works.”

Heard was later asked by her attorney Ben Rottenborn why she may not have known when the incident happened.

“Because there were so many violent incidents, there are so many photos,” Heard replied.

“Most people haven’t had this kind of evidence for years.”

Ms. Vasquez also challenged Heard, asking if she agreed that she “didn’t expect” that so many people would go on the witness stand to defend Depp against her accusations.

“Incorrect,” Heard said. “I know a lot of people would come out of the woodwork to support Johnny.

“That’s his strength, that’s why I wrote that (Washington Post) opinion piece. I was talking about that phenomenon about how many people will come out and support him and fall into his power.

“He is a very powerful man and people love to gain favor with powerful men.”

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