Five Tips You Need To Know For ‘Destiny 2’ Nightmare Containment On Leviathan

The main activity of Destiny 2 for Season of the Haunted is Nightmare Containment, a large-scale public event on the Leviathan in the main Castellum area that has three stages and is ideal for six players. It’s a lot of fire and explosions, but I have some specific tips that I think you should implement when doing the activity based on my (many) runs so far.

1. Always have an active patrol – There will be 2-3 kill type patrols in the Castellum at any given time. You can complete them in minutes (if not 30 seconds) with that many clusters of enemies, and these bounties will give you Leviathan Crown of Sorrow XP to increase that seller, 10 XP per completion. Conversely, if you complete the first two waves, you’ll only get 12 XP each. You can easily get 30-60 bonus world XP for every Nightmare run by making sure you always do a patrol. Just don’t pick up the “See” that will take you out of the room.

2. Contempt? Bring a sword – Nightmare Containment has a lot in common with Altars of Sorrow, as that too is an activity where it’s a good idea to bring a sword to cut down the yellow bar Nightmares. Swords have tons of ammo (which you can refill between rounds) and are great at hacking into the types of big bosses you’ll face at each stage of this activity. Missiles are fine, but have minimal ammunition. Machine guns were buffed, but not That a lot for bosses. Linear fusions are too chaotic to aim for this madness. Bring a sword.

3. Don’t attack without unstable essence – Do you remember Unstable Essence from Shadowkeep, right? The red ball buff that can do more damage to nightmares? Well, it’s back, and there’s no point in attacking most Nightmare enemies without this, as you’ll deal drastically less damage. There are constant Nightmare carrier enemies that will drop the buff, so make sure you have it before you burn heavy or super on the yellow bar of Nightmare bosses.

4. Scythe Things – The scythes appear when you dip orbs into the central orb thing, and you’ll especially want to spam heavy attack for clearing ads. But keep in mind that they also shoot projectiles, which can be used to clear those shield-blocker things floating above you during boss phases. Finally, those little floating bubbles you see when you hack through things are recovery orbs, which will keep you and your team alive.

5. The Two Secret Chests – After each run of Nightmare Containment you will see the message that the “lockdown” has been lifted for approximately two minutes. This will create two openable doors somewhere in the Castellum that will contain a world chest. That world chest can hold an Opulent Key, which is the best way to get those reprise weapons right now. If you have a chest finder enabled, you can look through a telescope weapon and discover from quite a distance where the chests are hiding behind doors. Most will be in the outer ring of the Castellum, but sometimes there may be one in the center near the entrance to the Pleasure Gardens. If you get a key at the end of the activity itself, it probably isn’t worth running because you can’t stack keys, so you’ll have to spend those.

Bonus: Bound Essence Stacks – It’s so rare I wasn’t sure if this would be the case, but it is, and not only that, you can spend all you stacks of Bound Essence when you do a Sever run, which gives you as much loot for as many Essences as you have. They pile up to 5 and then go to your postmaster for another 5.

Lots of fun! I see you there, setting things on fire.

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