PS VR2 Launch Details Sounds Promising

Sony teases gamers with details about the upcoming PS VR2as the revealed hardware specifications have shown that: PS VR2 will probably be a game changer. It will have an OLED display with a panel resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, adjustable lenses and a field of view of approximately 110 degrees. The device will also feature a built-in motor with vibrations that mimic in-game sensations to increase immersion. For the benefit of PS5 owners, PS VR2 headsets are also designed to blend visually nicely with their console counterparts.


Recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan gave an investor presentation where he gave an inside look at the current performance of Sony’s gaming division and the company’s plans for the future. During the presentation, he highlighted how PlayStation has grown thanks to the success of the PS5 and the company’s constant acquisitions, which have increased the number of first-party studios. It also sheds light on the expected launch of PS VR2 and what gamers can expect and thankfully there are plenty of reasons to be excited.

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There are at least 20 confirmed games

During the presentation, Previously revealed hardware specifications of PS VR2 were confirmed, including 4K HDR, enhanced control tracking and foveated rendering, a process that optimizes efficiency by using an eye tracker to increase image resolution where the wearer looks and reduce image resolution in the player’s peripheral view. PS VR2 will also be more convenient to use than its predecessor thanks to its single-cord setup.

No launch is complete without a nice library of games for players to jump into. Ryan confirmed that PS VR2 will launch with at least twenty games. Ryan has not confirmed the release date of PS VR2, but with the unveiling of the device, many have speculated that it could hit stores during the holiday season of 2022. However, due to delivery issues that have plagued the tech industry for more than a year, others have suggested it may not launch until 2023.

Having a strong launch lineup will ensure that the headset hits the market with a flying start, especially if there are still questions about the device’s background compatibility. While full backwards compatibility with the PS VR Library would be nice, many games use peripherals like the PlayStation Move controllers, making them potentially incompatible with the PS VR2. However, gamers shouldn’t complain about the loss of the PlayStation Move controllers, as PS VR2 replaces them with new controllers that use some of the Features of DualSense including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. This also includes new immersive features including finger touch detection and an ergonomic spherical shape designed for comfort.

Which PS VR2 games have been confirmed?

Gamers got a fleeting glimpse of what to expect from Sony’s next-generation VR gaming. Perhaps the biggest game revealed to date is Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is being developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. The project is being kept a secret for now, but it has been revealed that although Aloy will appear, the story will be told by a new character. After the visual splendor that Horizon Forbidden West provided that diving back into Aloy’s world in virtual reality is certainly an extraordinary experience.

While they have not been confirmed as launch titles, other games to be released on PS VR2 include the popular PC shooter Pavlovlow fiSamurai Slaughterhouseand the game developed by Cyan Worlds Firmament† Schell Games, the developer responsible for the upcoming VR ports of Among ushas also announced that a PS VR2 version of the popular game will be released after the headset launches.

Gamers get to see more games during Sony’s state of affairs on June 2, where several PS VR2 games in development have been confirmed to be revealed. The stream will be available to view on Sony’s official YouTube channel and Twitch channel. With a successful launch of PS VR2, Sony can ensure that VR can gain even more mainstream popularity, so it goes without saying that the state of affairs will be great.

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