Celebrity Apprentice Episode 5 Recap: Lord Sugar Blows Up the Competition with a Celebrity Apprentice First

It’s no secret that most celebrities love being in front of the camera, so they should have no problem taking on the next challenge Famous pupil.

Lord Sugar appears – on screen rather than in person – to brief the celebrities about the task.

The teams must record their own live-to-air 60-second infomercial. The team that produces the most effective infomercial, as judged by Lord Sugar, wins the challenge and $20,000 for their project manager’s charity.

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But it seems Lord Sugar is a little bored of the competition and says, “It’s time to blow this stuff apart.”

Team Collaborate and Team Innovate get a stir. Consultants Janine Allis and Nick Bell rearrange the teams and select the project managers.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022, Team Innovate
The teams get a shake-up. (Nine)

Carla from Bankstown leads Team Innovate, which now consists of besties Darren McMullen and Jarrod Scott, as well as Jean Kittson, Bronte Campbell and Benji Marshall.

Vince Colosimo, the project manager of Team Collaborate, will lead celebrities such as Turia Pitt, Samantha Jade, Ronnie Caceras and Will and Woody.

If you thought the team restructuring was a competition shakeup, think again.

Lord Sugar is about to turn the game completely on its head.

In a Famous Pupil first, he’s giving the fired celebrities — Beck Zemek, Eloni Vunakece, Gamble Breaux, and Jodi Gordon — a chance to reclaim their positions. And he does it all behind the other celebrities’ backs.

“This has never happened before on Famous PupilGamble says.

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022.
The fired stars get a second chance from Lord Alan Sugar. (Nine)

Lord Sugar meets the fired celebrities and informs them that they will become a new team: Team Redemption.

Team Redemption must also produce an infomercial. But their goal is something else. They do not compete against the other teams, but against each other. The best performing team members have a chance to re-join Famous Pupil

“If this is a complete mess, none of you are going back in the process,” Lord Sugar snaps at them.

The challenge

Carla is eager to stick with her expertise and go down the comedy route for the infomercial sale of Team Innovate fitness equipment, but Benji isn’t convinced.

“Sports gear and funny don’t mix,” Benji tells the cameras.

Advisor Janine intervenes to remind the team to look inside.

“They have an Olympian and a sports superstar, so it shouldn’t be a problem for them,” she says.

After a shaky start, Team Innovate changes tack and Carla takes over as director. She decides to use Darren’s abilities to showcase the infomercial, Bronte and Benji’s sporting status to lure consumers and Jarrod’s washboard abs to, to… wait, what was the point of this again?

Oh that’s right, Carla just wants to oil Jarrod in front of the camera.

“Sorry for being a little carried away,” says Carla, her hands oiled.

It’s action time for Team Innovate and everything is running smoothly. “I was like a proud parent”, Carla beams.

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With an extensive background in TV and movies, Vince directs Team Collaborate’s infomercial for the Sav-a Flav-a, a rubber food covering that is an alternative to plastic wrap.

While there’s no doubt that Vince is passionate about the Sav-Flav-a, his directing style is good, a little disorderly.

“It’s safe to say that Vince’s style of project manager is very chaotic and in the moment,” Ronnie tells the camera.

Even adviser Nick is concerned that things are getting a little out of hand, saying, “I’m very concerned that Vince is losing control.”

This challenge is a live TV infomercial and the teams only get one chance to record. So timing is super important.

“Having spent a lot of time with Vince Colosimo, he’s a funny guy, but time is not his friend,” says Ronnie.

“I know what time it is,” Vince reassures himself.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022.
Vince starts to spiral out of control as director of the challenge. (Nine)

Everything is chaos as the cameraman counts down, and unbeknownst to Team Collaborate, they miss the on-air cue.

Team Collaborate gets together and celebrates what they think is a success. Ronnie goes so far as to say that they “knocked it off the ballpark”.

This is hard to see, they just look so happy. Who’s going to tell them the bad news?

Nick pulls Vince aside and says, “You started filming the 60 seconds and you weren’t done yet, you literally lost six or seven seconds.”

But Vince says he didn’t quite understand the challenge.

“I’m a little disappointed now because I heard that time passed from the moment the cameraman said three, two, one,” he explains.

“I’m really mad, I don’t want to talk anymore.”

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We usually go to the boardroom then, but we have to check how secret Team Redemption is being tracked.

They are working hard to make an infomercial to sell face cream. And everyone does their best, well, most of them.

“I think Beck, Jodi and I are definitely a team, but Gamble is just too bad for it,” says Eloni.

Lord Sugar makes his own observations of the real housewife, “Gambling is a big mess, she needs to concentrate.”

the boardroom

This board meeting is a little different, instead of Lord Sugar speaking, he lets the teams infomercials speak for themselves.

Team Innovate’s infomercial plays and Lord Sugar describe it as “very, very good”. Even Vince finds their ad “slippery”.

Things aren’t going too well for Team Collaborate who, as we know, missed their cue and Lord Sugar isn’t holding back.

“That’s a disaster,” he says of their infomercial.

Lord Sugar doesn’t even bother to deliberate and immediately gives the victory to Team Innovate, with Carla handing over $20,000 for her charity. And Vince must face the firing squad and bring back two team members. Unfortunately, he takes in Turia and Ronnie.

Turia immediately shows up to take the responsibility: “I should have started earlier and then we would have been within the allotted 60 seconds.”

Vince says it’s not Turia’s fault at all and the two go back and forth and take the bullet for each other. Ronnie, on the other hand, has no qualms about throwing a teammate under the bus, and Vince is the one taking the hit.

“What actually happened was that we got the lead from Vince. He was the one who called to action. We didn’t suddenly expect the cameraman to count,” explains Ronnie.

And so Vince’s fate is sealed.

“I’m just going to hunt right here, you’re fired,” Lord Sugar points a finger at Vince.

That would usually be the end of the Famous Pupil episode, but let’s not forget about Team Redemption.

Lord Sugar’s assistant returns to Team Collaborate and Team Innovate in the lounge. “You don’t want to miss this,” she says, turning the TV back on.

There are Beck, Eloni, Gamble and Jodi returning to the boardroom.

A roar of “OH MY GOD”, “WHAT” and “SHUT UP” echoes from the celebs watching.

Famous Apprentice 2022
Will and Woody are shocked by the return of the fired celebrities. (Nine)

But unfortunately we have to wait for the next episode of Famous Pupil to find out which of the fired celebrities will make their way back into the competition.

To be continued…

Celebrity Apprentice airs on Sundays at 7pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7:30pm on channel 9 and 9Now

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