This Google Home feature makes spontaneous sex easier

“Hey Google, activate sexy time.” If you’re addicted to Netflix, Instagram, and Facebook, it can be hard to find as much time as you’d like for your partner.

However, not every gadget is a relationship killer as many people have taken to the internet to… part† Among them is Gillian Sisley, who shared on Mamamia how Google Home has changed her sex life in the best possible way – using a little-known feature.

While the first change was PG, “my husband and I would no longer compete for who could jump into bed faster, leaving the slowpoke to turn off the bedside lamp that was further than an arm’s reach,” the device soon led them to a slightly more M-rated action.

“Spontaneous sex is easier now.”

Why? As Gillian explains, Google Home puts an end to the hassle of creating a mood: “You know how, when you ‘want to get started’, there are certain sensory things you want in place first…like nice background music and sexy add-ons that just ‘raise’ the atmosphere?”

“Google Home has you covered.”

Enter: Your soon to be favorite hidden feature. “Activate Sexy Time,” which Gillian says helped her and her “have the best sex of our marriage.”

“I recently came back from a five day business trip, and my husband was on his lunch break and happened to be on his way to run an errand… He hadn’t seen me since I got home, and we were both wary of some good loving .”

“He texted me asking, ‘Activate Sexy Time?’ I replied with an aubergine emoji. It was on.”

“Google Home is a huge time saver. My husband told me to hurry up two minutes away. I ran upstairs and as I rushed through the bedroom I yelled, ‘Hey Google, Activate Sexy Time!'” says Gillian.

“Immediately, Google started a series of tasks that I had preprogrammed with my husband months ago… The lights turned to a warm purple and a sultry but hip playlist started playing quietly in the background, while I tossed on some deodorant, a sprayed a whiff of perfume and brushed my teeth.”

“I stood at the front door in the nick of time and greeted my husband in an instant, passionate embrace that sent us rushing straight back upstairs to the bedroom.”

As for the technicalities, this “sexy time” feature of a free web-based service called IFTTT (if this then that) works, which creates chains of simple conditional instructions called applets. Essentially: a way to automate your existing apps and devices to do things they normally wouldn’t.

As IFTTT explains: “If you say ‘Ok Google, sexy time’, the Philips HUE lighting will be dimmed to 15% and the color will turn red. It will also play music from your Android device. (if your Android device is via Bluetooth is connected to Google Home, it will be played through the Google Home speaker) … have fun.”

This feature has been coveted for years, with the r/googlehome reddit community that got into a passionate discussion about how to make this happen last year before it became a built-in routine on the device (that one Reddit user suggested should have entered into force earlier this year).

Anyway, another clever feature that will help you “bounce” more often is the ability to pair two Google Home devices, so you can whisper to your partner from the bedroom while they’re sitting in the living room, inviting them over for some fun. pleasure .

Perhaps more impressively, even if you don’t even think about doing this, Google lends a hand, as Gillian writes, “Even if we don’t manage to be sexy ourselves, Google Home picks up the slack.”

“‘Hey Google, bedroom lighting 1%.’ My husband instructs “Ooooh, mood lighting?” [Google asks]†

That’s a well-trained piece of technology.

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