The Queen’s Ferocious Harry Move

With the platinum anniversary celebrations just days away, the palace is reportedly working on a jaw-dropping finale that could be painful for the Duke of Sussex.

Who would have thought it would be the royal family that would give the world something

of the most famous additions to our sensitive-feeling glossary?

We have several (well, two really) members of the House of Windsor to thank for introducing “survive, not bloom” and “genetic pain” into the popular lexicon.

So, what better way to kick off the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee week than with a newbie

Participant in this all-too-easy-to-poke-fun-on vocabulary?

I give you, ‘re-bonding’, which is supposedly what Prince William and Prince Harry are up to

straight away.

According to a report in The Mirrorthe brothers who have grown into the

fraternal equivalent of North and South Korea, have been FaceTiming to try their

Decidedly shattered relationship ahead of Harry and his Duchess of Sussex wife Meghan

to the UK this week for the anniversary.

As a source told the Mirror“They’ve also had FaceTime conversations with their kids, which has

allowed them to recommit.”

(Look, at least they aren’t so desperate as to need a rebirth…)

Now it would be nice if we could leave things here – two men, used to be such an intrinsic part

of each other’s lives – slowly restoring trust, video call at a time, but these are the Windsors we’re talking about, a group of people who have taken family dysfunction and turned it into an extremely painful art form.

Because, whatever tentative peace William and Harry were quietly plugging in

away at à deux, could very well crash this coming Sunday around 5pm, London

time, according to another report that came out over the weekend.

The reason why lies in a plan devised according to Buckingham Palace

the Mirrorwhere the four days of the Jubilee festivities will conclude with a once-in-a-aa

lifelong moment on (where else?) But the balcony of the palace.

According to the newspaper’s royal editor, Russell Myers, Her Majesty “wants the world to see”

the heartbeat of her family and the future of the monarchy” (which sounds less like

something a 96 year old could actually say and more like something made up by some

overzealous communications intern).

To this end, the Queen is reportedly planning to appear on the world’s most famous balcony along with all three of her heirs – Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George – to conclude the People’s Pageant, the final event of the anniversary.

A source told the Mirror: “Her Majesty believes it will send a powerful message to the world,

that despite the trials and tribulations of the family in recent years, those at the top

are united to carry on with the work and share her sense of duty and dedication to the

people of this country and the Commonwealth.”

Politely disregarding the fact that there is no other industry in the world besides the throne

the company would like to make and work an eight year old front, like this royal scene

happens, it will immediately make history.

Never before have only the current sovereign and the next three sovereigns appeared all together against the backdrop of the Monarchy HQ. (There have been portraits of the foursome, such as the 2016 outing where then-two-year-old George stood cute on blocks of foam, but never on the balcony.)

Now reportedly not only the various princes but also their families will participate

but given the intent of the palace to impose the symbolism here with a trowel,

it seems likely we’ll see the foursome appear before the crowd, before Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis join them.

Regardless of the composition of the image or the timetable, things I would imagine

currently being carefully plotted on a whiteboard by sweating former army majors,

there’s nothing that can soften how excruciating this balcony moment could be for Harry.

If we see this situation play out as suggested today, the biggest takeaway will be:

that it will remind the world how irrelevant the Duke of Sussex is to the future of the monarchy.

Never before has the palace made it so clear that it doesn’t matter whether the Sussexes sit in the royal lap or sell homemade ylang ylang candles on the US Home Shopping Network.

By birth, Harry was and will always be a second-string player.

Exactly this problem, that they reportedly need to be regularly reminded of their royal B-list status

played a role in the Sussexes’ push for the January 2020 exits.

The oily biography of the couple find freedom reported that by 2019: “Harry,

who wanted to do so much in the world got frustrated that he and Meghan often

distanced himself from the initiatives and priorities of other family members.

“While they both respected the hierarchy of the institution, it was difficult when they wanted to focus on a particular project and were told that a higher-ranking relative, be it Prince William or Prince Charles, had announced an initiative or tour on at the same time – so they should just wait.”

Then there was the photo released in the early days of January 2020 of the Queen, Charles,

William and George all together, taken in the throne room of Buckingham Palace, a perfect

reminder that the monarchy has a habit of doing things with the subtlety of a sledgehammer


According to veteran royal biographer Andrew Morton, writing in: Meghan: A Hollywood

Princesswhen the Sussexes saw the statue: “The royal couple suspected that the whole”

institution conspired against them. When they saw it, the evidence was all around them.

“The unspoken code was clear: the future of the monarchy was assured, with either

without Meghan and Harry.”

It’s impossible to see how, given all this, that Harry must look after his grandmother,

father, brother and cousin enjoy the roaring admiration of the expected 10,000 men

People’s Pageant crowd, can be anything but deeply disturbing.

And if he’s hurt, that’s completely understandable. Diana, Princess of Wales, careful and

her sons very consciously raised as equals. Likewise, after leaving the military and taking up

full-time royal duties in 2015, it was Harry who courted crowds, charmed the media and was

the royal golden boy.

Imagine how hard it must be to keep an eye on your brother no matter what your effort,

hard work and dedication, constantly being lifted above you or given precedence over you for nothing

any reason other than that he arrived first? Galling wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

And yet it must also be said that the reason why the royal family is allegedly planning this

grand finale also makes perfect sense.

The monarchy has only just skated through the shocks and aftershocks of recent years

of Megxit and the horrifying spectacle of Prince Andrew’s demise. While support for the

setting might be surprisingly robust, you don’t need a crystal ball to see that in the future

of the throne is far from assured.

The Republican issue is bubbling up in most, if not all, of the 15 countries for which the Queen is the head of state. The Commonwealth as an organization seems to be getting some sort of reckoning as issues of colonialism and slavery.

It wasn’t until April that William and Kate happily trotted off on their tour of the Caribbean,

an outing that was expected to be a home run, to look like two

pasty anachronisms for whom the social and cultural shifts of the Black Lives matter

movement had passed them by.

Until then, the collective wisdom had been that the monarchy was in safe hands

with the Cambridges thanks to their popularity, willingness to regularly ride their children

and their work on issues that resonate with younger Britons, such as climate change and

mental health.

But that calculus was deeply shaken by their Caribbean debacle.

All of this is before we touched King’s roughly two-decade stint

Charles III that we have to go through in the meantime before we get to the government of Cambridge.

Given all this, is it any wonder that the Queen & co. seem desperate to get as much hay out of the Jubilee as possible? In order to obtain as much monarchical elevation as possible from the

kneel down and enthusiastically try to promote the image of the monarchy as a state

continuity and consistency in the heady 21st century?

The shot of the Queen, Charles, William and George, if this happens, the image will be that

will appear on the front pages of newspapers and websites around the world.

It will serve its purpose, but its success may come at the cost of the royal family re-bonding with Harry once and for all. How likely will it be to want to be nice after being put in place with the world watching?

As it goes, this grand balcony spectacle of the heirs will make history

but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience working with

some of Australia’s leading media titles.

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