Disguised Toast reveals that he would've preferred to stream on Twitch during Among Us days (Image via Sportskeeda)

Watch: Toast in disguise explains why he regretted being on Facebook Gaming during Among Us meta on Twitch

Twitch streamer Jeremy”Disguised Toastrecently hosted a special Coffee x Toast stream (Questions & Answers).

One of the questions he got was from a viewer named Ernesto, who wanted to know if the streamer regretted not doing something during his live streaming career.

Toast said he was not part of the Twitch community during the height of the Among Us meta and speculated that he would have had a massive viewership if he continued streaming on Twitch instead of Facebook Gaming.

Thank you, @FacebookGaming Today is my last day livestreaming on the platform. The past 2 years have been some of the best moments of my career and I wish them nothing but success. I can’t wait to see them achieve greater things in the future. https://t.co/x8ltvOpzTV

Toast in disguise remembers being on Facebook Gaming during Among Us meta on Twitch

The popular Offline TV (OTV) member surprised the gaming and streaming community in 2019 by announcing that he would be streaming exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

He continued to stream on the blue gaming platform for the next two years and made a comeback on Twitch in November 2021.

During a recent livestream, Disguid Toast hosted a unique Q&A stream where he answered and answered questions from his viewers. One of the questions he got from a viewer was:

“What do you regret not doing in your streaming career?”

The 30-year-old gamer began answering the viewer’s interesting question by stating:

“I really wish I was on Twitch when Among Us came out. Now, that might be like, oh, I’m sorry I signed to Facebook.”

The former Hearthstone professional corrected his statement and continued:

“I don’t regret signing to Facebook at all, I think it was the right choice at the time, but I wish I was on Twitch because it was the biggest game in the world by a huge margin and I was the largest content creator for it flows wise.”

Added Toast in disguise by mentioning facebook gaming wasn’t particularly popular and speculated he could have racked up a massive viewership had he been on Twitch:

“But I was severely hampered because I was on a platform that not many viewers were using. So I think I could have hit 50-60k during the peak phase with the potential to hit 100k during the crazy collabs, but we will never know, right?”

Toast concluded by stating that being on Twitch during the Among Us meta was more of a wish than a regret:

“But yeah, in that sense it’s not a regret, like I had no choice that I couldn’t predict it. I wish I was on Twitch for that. Because if I can get 20k on Facebook and I think the conversion rate is definitely over 5x if you go from Facebook to Twitch, who knows? Right? Who knows?”

Disguised Toast continued with its stream, answering more questions from viewers.

Fans Respond to Disguid Toast’s Opinion

Several fans in the YouTube comment section mentioned that Facebook Gaming helped them discover the streamer. Some fans were interested in why most people don’t choose Facebook Gaming as a live streaming platform.

Fans responding to the streamer's views (Images via DisguidToast/OfflineTV & Friends Fans)
Fans responding to the streamer’s views (Images via DisguidToast/OfflineTV & Friends Fans)

Since Disguided Toast returned to Twitch in 2020, it has become one of the most famous live streamers which currently has over 2.5 million followers. His channel saw a huge influx of viewers in April of this year when its popularity peaked at over 26k concurrent viewers.

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