Woolies and Big W stop reusable plastic shopping bags

Next year around this time you won’t be able to buy a reusable plastic shopping bag from Woolworths or Big W.

The Woolworths Group estimates that this will remove more than 9,000 tons of plastic bags from circulation every year.

The supermarket giant says eight out of ten customers already bring their own bags when they shop, but does that mean a smooth transition for shoppers?

What bags are they talking about?

The bags will be phased out gradually, the Woolworths Group says. Supplied: Woolworths Group

The two types of thick reusable plastic bags that the Woolworths Group sells for 15 cents and 45 cents.

They were brought back in 2018 after the supermarket phased out single-use plastic bags.

When will this happen?

In the coming year, but when exactly depends on what state you’re in — and how many bags your local stocks.

“We know the change may be an adjustment for some customers and so we are making this change in the coming year,” said Natalie Davis, director of Woolworths supermarkets.

Big W and Woolworths are starting to phase out the stock of bags before cutting them off completely.

The Woolworths Group says this will be ready by June next year.

What if I forget a bag?

Paper bags are still available for 20 cents.

“But ultimately we want to sell fewer bags overall,” said Ms. Davis.

Woolworths paper bags are made from 70 percent recycled paper, are designed to hold up to 6 kilograms and should be recycled.

A person holds a Woolworths brown paper shopping bag as he walks through the fresh produce department.
These brown paper bags will be there if you forget your bags, but you have to pay 20 cents for the privilege. Supplied: Woolworths Group

What about pouches for my vegetables?

Those flimsy plastic bags we all know will still be available in the fruit and veggie section.

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