Kendall photo sparks Aussie rush for ‘unappealing’ position

Studies show that people with this hair color are less attractive – but after Kendall Jenner changed her look, Aussies changed their mind.

A hair color once described as the “least desirable” is now so popular that hairdressers are reporting a huge influx of demand.

Unfortunately, red locks have been undervalued for decades, with studies concluding that people born naturally with hair color suffer the most in the dating world, a term called “anti-redhead bias.”

But after years of being brutally labeled the “least attractive” hair color, redheads are finally having a moment.

In recent months, stars like Kendall Jenner — who is known for her nearly jet black hair — blonde actress Sydney Sweeney and singer Doja Cat have ditched their signature hair colors in favor of a shade of red.

Copper in particular – a warm shade of red – is seen everywhere, with Sydney-based celebrity hair coloring Jaye Edwards telling’s The Beauty Diary there’s a reason so many people are “obsessed” with it.

“I think people coming out of the pandemic are looking for change. We see so many full transformation requests in the salon,” he said.

“Natural coppers are a great option for those looking for a transformation as they can be adapted to different skin tones.

“It’s a bold look, but combined with lighter undertones it gives a ‘born with it’ look rather than a ‘from the bottle’ look.”

Jaye, who owns eight EdwardsAndCo salons across Australia, also added that Kendall’s recent transformation has “inspired a lot of people to try this look” – with the award-winning hairdresser saying he’s seen a spike in demand among his clients.

“Deep, natural-looking auburn hues, as well as coppery blonde tones have made a huge comeback, while vibrant reds have taken the back seat,” he said.

There is also an influx of TikTok users sharing videos under the hashtags “#kendallshair” and “#copperhair” – many of which have hundreds of thousands of views – proving the color really is in style.

“Why did I wait so long,” wrote an influencer on her transformation videowhich had over 940,000 views.

US-based colorist Matt Rez, the man behind Kendall’s dramatic hair makeover, said he was “pleasantly surprised that everyone made a big splash and went for the warmth of copper hue”.

“Copper colors are trending on TikTok with how-to videos, and definitely more of my customers are asking for warmer colors these days,” Rez said. WWD recently.

“Blondes are open to playing with strawberry shades and brunettes want to either switch to reds or get really warm with their glosses for a reddish reflection.

“Hairdressers love to do a good red hair coloring – it’s a fun challenge for us.”

If you’re craving a brand new copper do right now, I can totally empathize. As a fake redhead over the years, I had been eyeing copper for a while.

Recently I took the plunge at Jaye’s newest salon in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley.

The whole process took about six hours as we had to get the deep tones out of my vibrant red to get it where the copper hue would go. It’s definitely a long time in a chair, but I don’t regret it. I am obsessed with my new golden locks.

Jaye recommends not using box dyes if you are considering turning your hair into copper and advises that you should be prepared to cover the cost of regular maintenance visits with your colorist.

“Going copper can be a beautiful statement piece, but it’s probably the hardest color to maintain and you have to go to the salon multiple times to keep that color looking fresh,” he warned.

“The color does fade faster and it’s almost impossible to achieve this without a professional.”

There are products that can help prolong the color, and Jaye advises you to buy

“professional/salon quality products” that state “safe for color-treated hair”.

“These products do not contain sulfates and parabens, which make the color fade faster,” he said.

Vibrant peach shades will always fade over time – I recommend investing in a copper pigmented treatment mask, such as the Christophe Robin Copper Shades Variation Mask.

“I also recommend booking for regular glosses; these are quick 15 minute treatments in the salon that will get you back to color without having to book a full color service.”

One of the main reasons I decided to go from the bold red I had before was in an effort to make my color last a little longer.

Previously I got about four weeks at best before I either had to go back for a color or lather my locks in a colored conditioner which was my preferred option as it is heaps cheaper.

But with the copper, I find it stays fresh for about eight weeks, which is a huge difference.

I used Redken’s Acidic Bonding shampoo and conditioner after it was recommended by my hairdresser. It has certainly kept my color fresh and vibrant, although of course there is still a bit of fading over time – but it’s not nearly as dramatic as my old shade.

It also has a bonding technology that seals the hair’s cuticle, retaining moisture and the color pigment.

In the three months that I have been using it, my hair has become noticeably shinier with much less split ends. Even my hairdresser noticed when I recently had a trim, noting that she didn’t have to take off as much as usual.

While a bottle costs $45 for 300ml on AdoreBeauty (both the shampoo and conditioner are priced the same), I only use a small amount because it lathers beautifully — so a little goes a long way. I’ve had it for about three months now and I’m only about half way there.

Are any of you tempted to embrace the new copper hair trend? Let me know in the comments below or join the The Beauty Diary Facebook group and share your thoughts there.

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