The ‘Destiny 2’ crafting system doesn’t solve the problem it was supposed to solve

Destiny 2 has always struggled with the limits of RNG† Sure, part of being a looter is grinding gear drops until you get that one special role you’re looking for, but with five columns of Destiny gear perks and a masterpiece, it felt like the chase couldn’t possibly be done at times. to be.

Enter craft.

Bungie has released a new Witch Queen crafting system aimed at solving this problem, and it also offers special bonuses for crafted weapons, such as enhanced perks. But in practice, the longer we use the crafting system, the more it seems like it doesn’t quite solve the problem it was originally supposed to solve: the game’s battles with seemingly endless RNG.

The problem, especially this season, even more so than last season, is the red border pattern.

Straight away, all craft weapons in Season of the Haunted require five cartridge drops, versus some that only needed three last season, because for some reason Bungie decided more was better.

The problem is that the drop rates are so low, focusing is so expensive and gear resources are so scarce that people drive themselves crazy getting 5 red frame rims from their weapon of choice. The problems:

  • The four luscious weapons only come from lavish chests on the Leviathan and nowhere else. It’s not a great farm to run around opening chests for keys and then other chests for drops.
  • Four of the six Haunted weapons only come from Nightmare Containment or Sever (which requires a Bound drop of Containment), and two more can be found at the end of playlists and finally through the battle pass.
  • Focusing specific Opulent or Haunted weapons costs 27 Opulent Umbral Energy, which is three full runs of Nightmare Containment when upgraded.
  • I don’t know what the actual drop rate for red frames is, but I don’t think it can be more than 10%. But on the bad side of RNG, I’ve seen people focus 25 copies of a single weapon without a single red frame, as there doesn’t seem to be any protection against bad luck. And again, you need five copies of each.
  • Two of the weapons crafted this season, the Opulent fusion rifle and dungeon-only machine gun, seem impossible to do, with incredibly slow dungeon drop rates compounded by the low red frame rate. I’ve heard of players jacking a hundred bosses to get zero red frames of the weapon they were looking for.

Yes, it’s true that once you get a cartridge, you essentially kill the need for that weapon to ever drop back into the wild. But the current system of getting those five cartridges for a specific weapon can be just as frustrating as the RNG for rolls once did. And it’s extra frustrating because during this process you can get great rolls from these weapons, and yet you know that you still want the edited version with the chance of improved benefits, so it devalues ​​the drops you get to do set off. It’s a very weird system.

Last season, Bungie ended up polishing the drop rates of Wellspring weapons and putting some sort of breakdown protection on red frame drops. That may be necessary again this season. We also have an upgrade in the Crown of Sorrow that at least makes it possible a targeted red frame drop per week. Even so, this system still seems to be heavily focused on RNG, but somehow in a worse way than before. Crafting may be here to stay, but this aspect in particular needs some work.

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