A Sydney mom sparked debate after showing off her bargain in which she caught seven roast chooks for just $4.40 from $11

Woolworths shopper forced to defend her bargain fried chicken because some think it’s rude or greedy

Woolworths shopper is criticized for ‘rude’ bargain BBQ-chook-haul – before hundreds defend her defense in VERY heated debate

  • A shopper in Sydney sparked an online discussion after showing off her bargains
  • The mom posted how she scored seven discounted Woolworths chickens
  • She said she got fried chooks for just $4.40 from $11 in a Facebook post
  • The bargain hunter clarified that she hadn’t bought them all and left some for others
  • This comes after others were called ‘greedy’ for listing discounted products

An Australian customer has sparked a heated debate online after getting his hands on seven discounted Woolworths roast chickens.

The Sydney mom showed off her bargain hunt in which she caught the chooks for just $4.40, from $11 in a post to popular facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia.

“No, I didn’t buy them all. Yes, I left some for others. Yes, we eat a lot of chicken. No, it won’t be lost,” she wrote in the post, citing previous arguments in the group where people accused shoppers of being “rude” for “gobbling” discounted foods.

A Sydney mom sparked debate after showing off her bargain in which she caught seven roast chooks for just $4.40 from $11

The bargain hunter’s post received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments from fellow shoppers who said she shouldn’t have to justify her bargain.

‘Who cares if you bought them all! You have the right to buy whatever you want. I would have bought some, good score,” wrote one mother.

‘When I come across cheap meat, I usually buy it. I don’t care what people think. I think ahead for my family, if they don’t sell they get thrown away, such a great score you don’t have to justify it to anyone because your money is as good as anyone else’s,” commented a second.

Another customer shared her experience of getting into an argument with a woman who disagreed with her taking more than one discounted chicken.

“I almost got into a chicken fight with a lady to get two chickens for sale ($3.34 each). I brought one for my elderly neighbor who had the flu,” she recalls.

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“She told me it’s rude to take more than one and that I’m now starving her kids for tea. When I told her to back off, she demanded that the manager take the chicken from me – he didn’t.’

The chicken lover’s post comes just weeks after another group member was called “selfish” and “greedy” for her massive price cuts on heavily discounted fish.

The woman bought “every pack” of premium salmon and trout that was discounted from $11 to just $1.10.

She posted a picture of her cart filled with the fishing packages to the group and drew a slew of responses with many jumps to defend her.

“Imagine being so selfish, how shameful,” one woman commented, while another wrote: “There are definitely some greedy people out there these days.”

“Yeah, good price, but wouldn’t it be nice to leave some for someone else,” said a third.

The chicken lover's post comes weeks after another group member was called

The chicken lover’s post comes weeks after another group member was called “selfish” and “greedy” for her discounted haul of heavily discounted fish (pictured, the haul in her cart)

‘Couldn’t agree more. Greed seems to be taking over. Putting back a few packs could have fed another family for the night, but nobody thinks about others these days,” another commented.

Other shoppers praised the money-saving mom for her impressive catch with a warning to check quality before cooking and wondered if the fish can even be frozen.

“I love a shelf that’s more organized because you’ve saved that department to leave it as dumped when no one else buys it. I love your work,” said one shopper.

‘Excellent score, eaten better than at the landfill. Freeze that and eat happily for days,’ replied a second.

“I only bought salmon once when it was on sale and when I opened it it was spoiled. Too close to the best before date for my taste, especially fish,’ another explained.

“Beware that it may not be able to be frozen, read the packaging,” suggested one customer.


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