Wild act on Coles divides TikTok users

A TikTok user was left stunned when he saw two women with a cart full of lettuce leaves and his clip went viral.

Two shoppers have been filmed pulling lettuce apart with the act, likely in response to rising grocery costs.

A TikTok user shared the now viral video of the two women in what looks like a Coles in Western Australia, “literally pulling the green bits off every iceberg lettuce”.

The women can be seen with a cart full of loose lettuce after tearing the leaves from several heads in the fruit and vegetable section of the store.

Iceberg lettuce has been selling up to $12 each in some supermarkets lately

However, the law has divided a number of online users who have claimed that lettuce is sold by “each” and not by weight.

“So they’re basically stealing from anyone who buys a lettuce after them,” one person claimed.

“Why do they think their (sic) is entitled to do that?” asked another, while a third said they would have said something to the women.

“They just have no respect for anyone,” she continued.

“Not only that, but the fact that they’re touching all that lettuce that customers will buy. I’d report it,” added another.

The video has been viewed more than 186,000 times since it was posted on TikTok on Sunday.

And while many disapproved of the couple’s act, others came to their defense by saying that more often than not, people throw away the wilted outer layer.

“I mean, does anyone actually eat that first layer,” one commented.

“I know some stores just give away the big leaves from the trash because it’s garbage. Is that what they do here?” asked a second person

Some people who have rabbits and guinea pigs as pets said that despite some stores allowing shopkeepers to take leftovers, the women took it too far.

“Wanted to say. I’m going to aldic and get all the stuff that fell off for free for my guinea pigs, but they rip them out of here,” wrote one TikTok user.

“You can take the lettuce shreds from the bins for free at most supermarkets, but you can’t fill a cart to take it off the lettuce,” said another.

At the end of the clip, the TikTok user who filmed the act turns the phone back to himself and says sarcastically, “That’s very hygienic.”

News.com.au has contacted Coles for comment.

According to the consumer price indexbetween 2021 and 2022 March, the cost of food and non-alcoholic drinks alone increased by 4.3 percent.

The main increase was in fuel costs, which were up 11 percent.

In terms of groceries, the CPI found that the cost of fruits and vegetables has increased by 6.7 percent in the past year, while that of meat and seafood is up 6.2 percent.

Bread and grain products also increased by 3 percent, dairy and dairy-related products by 4.1 percent and foodstuffs by 4.2 percent.

In fact, Australia’s rising cost of living has forced a mother into it choose between buying food or taking a hot shower

Paulene Stephanie of Redcliffe, Queensland, said she struggles so much with rising costs for groceries and electricity that she sometimes skips meals to ensure her children are well looked after.

“When the kids are around, I smile. If not, I’ve been crying at night about the bills,” she told Ten News.

Rising freight costs, recent extreme weather events and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine have exacerbated short- and long-term delivery problems and food and global oil prices are rising.

However, agricultural expert David Williams said that, disregarding the war in Ukraine, weather disasters or labor shortages, “covid-related effects alone” good businesses would increase costs by 10 percent this year. “One-time significant increases in grain costs will drive food inflation and increase the cost of animal feed and therefore beef and other proteins,” said Mr Williams.the Australian

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