Sex leap after long term relationship

Three women on experiencing ‘next-level’ sex after long-term relationships – ABC Everyday

When 41-year-old Alice* left her 15-year relationship, she described her next-level sex as an “otherworldly” experience.

“Instead of just feeling the orgasm as a superficial thing happening around your clitoris, it’s” [was] more like constant waves of pleasure throughout your body,” she tells ABC podcast Ladies, we need to talk.

But sex wasn’t always so good for Alice – in her previous relationship, it had… become routine

“We just lost the passion,” she says.

Alice started having ‘life-changing’ sex a year and a half ago when she fell in love with a woman during the lockdown.

‘I will never be the same again’

Before her current partner, Alice lived abroad with her ex-husband and children.

Without a work visa, she found being a stay-at-home mom an isolating experience and seeking affection from her ex-husband “emotionally exhausting.”

“We were like ships in the night really trying to avoid each other,” she says.

“I don’t think there has been really beautiful, passionate kissing for about ten years.”

When Alice’s desire for love and passionate sex was ignored, their connection faded.

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