10 Neighbors spoilers for next week

Neighbors spoilers follow.

Coming Neighbors, there is a big week when tragedy strikes Ramsay Street. Be warned, the big spoilers hit you from the get-go this week.

Here are 10 Neighbors Spoilers to look out for next week.

1. Hendrix dies after surgery

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Hendrix’s friends and family wait in the hospital as he undergoes surgery as next week begins, but things soon take a tragic turn.

At first, the news seems positive as Hendrix comes out of surgery and is seemingly fine. It’s a huge relief for Mackenzie and the others, but they barely get a chance to be happy sooner things take a dark turn

With only hours to live, Hendrix knows he must say goodbye to everyone one last time while he still has the chance.

2. Ramsay Street is rocked by tragic events

mackenzie hargreaves at neighbors

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Hendrix’s death proves to be a tough pill for the entire community to swallow, and the grief is felt across Ramsay Street. A penniless Mackenzie leans on Harlow for support, while Kiri stands by to help a shattered Chloe, who struggles to survive.

Zara, meanwhile, discovers that Hendrix had pre-recorded a video for his loved ones, in case something went wrong. It looks like, in a move similar to Stingray Timmins before him, his friends and family will get the chance to see him one last time.

3. Melanie helps Toadie with his grief

embargo 06062022 Toadie Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson at the neighbors

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Everyone struggles to process the news about Hendrix, and Rebecchi’s household is no different.

One person who turns out to be the source of comfort they all need is Melanie, and Toadie is blown away by how well she does being there for them all.

When Toadie sees Mel upset Nell, he realizes how lucky he is to have her in his life – which leads him to ask Mel a very surprising question

4. Mackenzie faces a tough choice

georgie stone as mackenzie hargreaves in neighbors

Fremantle / Jane ZhangChannel 5

Of anyone on Ramsay Street, Mackenzie has the worst of it. Losing her new husband is about as brutal a blow as anyone can take, and the grieving widow faces an impossible choice in the wake of his death.

Two memorials are planned to honor Hendrix, one in Erinsborough and one in Sydney, and Mac desperately wants both to be a perfect tribute. But when she finds out they are scheduled for the same day, she must choose which one to attend. What will Mackenzie do?

5. Melanie Considers Toadie’s Proposal

Toadie Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson at the neighbors

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We may have already lost two weddings for the last year of Neighborsbut we would be about to get our third.

Melanie is stunned when Toadie proposes to her, and while he is adamant that he wants to marry her, she is unsure and worries that he is only acting out of heightened emotions after what happened to Hendrix.

Touched by his gesture, Melanie suggests that they do not get married, but move in together. How will Toadie react, and is there still a chance the pair will walk down the aisle before the show comes to an end?

6. Estelle finds leverage on Glen

estelle petrides in neighbors

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Estelle may have been told to leave Ramsay Street after her latest blast with Terese, but we soon learn she didn’t go far. By playing the condolence card, she persuades Glen to place her in the vineyard, but Glen will soon regret the decision.

With Estelle, someone known for resorting to underhanded methods, she soon finds some influence over Glen and wastes no time blackmailing him – but that will backfire on both.

7. Harlow is determined to catch Corey

jemma donovan as harlow robinson in neighbors

Fremantle / Gina MiliciaChannel 5

Wicked Corey has been able to evade the police for now, but Harlow knows he’s still watching her – and she has a plan to track him down.

Knowing that Corey has spyware installed on her phone, Harlow thinks she has the perfect way to trap him.

Unenthusiastic about the plan, Andrew does everything she can to talk Harlow down, but she is determined to bring Corey to justice and arranges a meeting.

When Corey changes time and place at the last minute, she has to think again. But Harlow has no idea that anyone else is about to be put in danger.

8. Terese faces more betrayal

embargo 23052022 glen donnelly at neighbors

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Glen has no choice but to give in to Estelle’s demands and does exactly as she asks by convincing Terese to give her another chance. Glen’s words work the trick and Terese agrees to try and work things out with her.

Short as it may be, the pair take positive steps toward a reconciliation — leaving Glen feeling more guilty than ever. Knowing that he must confess what happened, he decides that Terese needs to hear the truth – but it explodes in his face.

9. Sadie and Zara are in danger

Sadie Rodwell at the neighbors

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While everyone else is affected by Hendrix’s death, Sadie is mostly crushed by it because it was her actions that led to him needing the transplant in the first place. Wanting to do some good, she discovers that Harlow is trying to find Corey and tempts Zara to go into the bush to track him down herself.

It soon turns out to be the couple’s umpteenth silly mistake, because while they do find Corey, they have no idea of ​​the great danger they both now find themselves in.

10. Will Terese Glen forgive?

rebekah elmaloglou as Terese Willis in Neighbours

Fremantle / Gina MiliciaChannel 5

Now that Terese knows what happened between Glen and Estelle, and the information she had about him, she must feel the pain of being cheated on again.

Glen is ashamed of his actions and furious with himself for relapsing, but will he be able to convince Terese to forgive him, or is their relationship doomed to fail?

As for Estelle, she realizes she’s finally pushed her daughter too far when Terese offers to pay her to leave for good. Will Estelle take the money and run away?

Neighbors airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 6pm on Channel 5 and streams on My5. In Australia, the show airs Monday through Thursday at 6:30pm on 10 Peach and streams on 10 Play.

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