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How to Complete the Crimson Coin Public Dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle introduces the MMO format to the beloved world of Bethesda’s iconic RPG franchise. Eight years into the game’s lifespan, the new content continues to shake up gameplay and introduce exciting new experiences.

Public dungeons are extreme tough raids that force tons of players into the grinder to earn a living. Players need the skill to navigate the area, find the bosses and take them down as a group. The Spire of the Crimson Coin is a new dungeon introduced in the expansion that has caused some problems for players.

How to beat Spire of the Crimson Coin in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

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Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle introduces several new dungeons, including the Spire of the Crimson Coin. The dungeon has six bosses and requires a lot of help to get through.

The five “mini-bosses” can be taken in any order, but still remain very powerful threats. Players will likely need a few friends or a few strangers to take on the dungeon’s many bosses.

chill spin:

As the name suggests, this Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle monster uses ice magic as its primary attack. His ice pillar follows players, so they must remain vigilant and always ready to dodge. Furthermore, this boss also fires an ice tornado and a cone-shaped AOE attack. His attacks slow the player down, increasing the chance of them being hit again. Focus on avoiding the AOE attacks first and then on dealing damage.


This giant zombie requires a lot of mobility and high damage per second to defeat. He will cover the floor with dangerous poison, which will require you to constantly run. Try to force the beast through this area and get past it while dealing damage.

Crimson apprentice

This teleporting monster is hard to pin down, with its Pillar of Blood as the primary target for players to hunt down and destroy. Once a player can get close, he must be staggered with a push attack. This boss will then teleport back to the center of the room and become vulnerable. Avoid his bloody AOE attacks and act fast to send him to his doom.

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The Destroyed Shield

This big boss can take a lot of damage, so this is a war of attrition. His shockwave attack is easy enough to dodge, but his grappling move can take out long-range players. Because of the high damage rates inflicted, players should definitely avoid his heavy swing. Multiple players can keep him distracted and divide his attention enough to slowly reduce his health.

Mouz the impure

Mouz has a ‘bullet hell’ approach to boss fights, where the whole screen is flooded with danger. With multiple long-range AOE attacks and her harpies dealing minimal damage, all of which try to distract the player, they must keep dodging and deal as much burst damage as possible in quick succession.

Group Event: The Crimson Mother

With over 1.5 million health, this Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle boss is a true beast. She fills the floor with explosive blood and can stun players for long periods of time. Players are advised to use whatever damage resistance and barrier spell they have and go in with a dedicated team to take her down.

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle instructs players to defeat these six bosses to claim the rewards. Players who do this successfully will leave this dungeon with a Skyshard and tons of XP.

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