‘Desperate’ plea to save The Block amid new season’s crisis

The upcoming season of The Block is in crisis mode, with series creators taking to Instagram with urgent calls for help.

The Block faces a critical shortage of traditional movies while filming, with the program’s construction company posting an urgent plea on social media for immediate signups to save the show.

Nine in Six, the construction company behind the upcoming Tree Change seasonwho is based in Gisborne, Victoria, “needs urgent help to complete the series,” it posted on Instagram this week.

“We urgently need help completing the current series of The block, Tree change. Carpenters, cladding crews, skilled workers, trade assistants,” the company’s official account wrote.

“Wages, Casual, Subbies we will not discriminate. Immediate start, 5 weeks left Location Gisborne Victoria. Send us a message if you are interested.”

The block executive producer Julian Cress also said building materials are “incredibly hard to come by” for the workplace, blaming a “pandemic hangover” for the multiple problems plaguing the popular home renovation series.

Luke Dennehy, who works in publicity for the show, echoed the message on his Instagram page, citing widespread instability in the construction industry this year, which saw a number of construction companies go bankrupt in recent months

He said this year has been a “tough ride” for creators.

“@TheBlock needs some traditions to make sure we’re ready,” Dennehy wrote.

“Add serious delivery issues to that, it was a tough ride. But the houses will be great. Trade – carpenters, cladding crews, skilled workers, trade assistants – Visit @nineinsix Insta or email andrew@nineinsix.com.au to join the crew.

“It’s beautiful here in Gisborne South. Tag anyone you think would be good at. Lack of supply and personnel problems, that’s what everyone is talking about in the construction industry now.”

Some of Australia’s largest construction companies continue to collapse under the pressure of a “perfect storm” of factors that have pushed up housing costs and caused costly delays.

It is estimated that the cost of building a new home has increased by $76,715 in two years, with average construction costs exceeding $400,000 for the first time, according to the Australian financial assessment.

Shortages of skilled labor from abroad due to closed borders since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has also paralyzed the industry, sending labor costs soaring.

Executive producer tackles difficult situation

Executive producer Julian Cress spoke to Dee Dee on Melbourne’s 3AW Afternoons yesterday and described the situation as a “real challenge”.

When asked what they miss most — materials or traditions — Cress explained that getting the show off the ground this year has been a “real challenge” due to the turmoil and uncertainty in the construction industry.

“We’ve been through a lot in the past two years to make the show with the pandemic, and I think we’re seeing a bit of a hangover with Covid now. It’s been incredibly difficult to get materials, a lot of the things we take for granted are just not available…but how we’ve also got a real shortage of manpower.”

He said he hoped construction could be completed but revealed there had been “crisis meetings” this week to discuss the challenge ahead.

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“We’ve been working with a labor shortage so far, and everyone has just fooled themselves and done everything they can. But now, when the clock starts to count down and you only have weeks to do… then it’s time for the crisis.

He said builders were “really concerned” about the job.

“This Isn’t Alone” The block … It feels to me like it’s a whole Australia-wide shortage of traditions.”

Couple withdraws two days before filming

The staff shortage is not the first hurdle The block has had to deal with this year, with two of the biggest names leaving the competition just three days after filming.

As reported by The Daily TelegraphInfluencer Elle Ferguson and her fiancé, former AFL player Joel Patfull, had to withdraw as participants after Patfull’s mother suffered a nasty fall.

Formerly of the GWS Giants, Patfull and fashion and beauty blogger Ferguson have reportedly traveled to Adelaide, where Patfull’s mother Trish is being treated for a possible brain haemorrhage, a broken coccyx and a broken wrist.

Ferguson took to social media with a telling post about the sudden change of plans, declaring, “Family always comes first.”

Power couple Ferguson and Patfull were brought in to join The block as the most prominent contestants this season along with former Neighbors star Sharon Johal and her husband Ankur Dogra.

Influencer and businesswoman Ferguson has 680,000 followers on Instagram and has her own range of self-tanners, Elle Effect.

Meanwhile, Pattful, who retired from AFL in 2016, works as chief of operations for Elle Effect and has an athleisure series, Lost Athletes.

Surprise this season

The Block Tree Change will see the new crop of participants on the way to regional Victoria to get stuck in their builds.

Host Scott Cam is also going to renovate his own Block property for the first time.

It comes from the back of a controversial Fans vs Faves season that was marred by the biggest cheat scandal in the history of the show after one team spread a photo of the top secret production schedule

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