Netflix ‘Disappointed’ by the Failure of Harry and Meghan’s Anniversary

Harry and Meghan are reportedly in the bad books at Netflix after the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – with one move from the duo in question.

Netflix won’t be so cold about this alleged royal rejection.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markleathe failure to take a photo with Queen Elizabeth II and other senior royals with baby Lilibet at last week’s platinum anniversary is a bitter disappointment for Netflix executivesaccording to self-proclaimed royal expert Angela Levin.

the famous Prince Harry and Camilla Parker Bowles biographer dropped the bomb on Tuesday during an appearance on the British talk show EN News, reported the Daily Mail.

“I heard Netflix wanted these photos of them with the royals,” Levin said of the alleged photobombing of a different kind.

“Because they would have sold it. It would be very valuable, very valuable to them.”

The streaming platform gave the green light to the runaway Sussex’ much-hyped “home” docuseries in May – but the cameras were reportedly banned from the anniversary as part of the “Sandringham Agreement” that was struck when the couple relinquished their royal role in January 2020.

Outspoken Levin weighed in on the new photo controversy that arose when Harry, 37, and Markle, 40, introduced Lilibet, 1, to Elizabeth for the first time last Wednesday, after a flight to the UK to take part in the platinum anniversary celebrations.

Reports from multiple other outlets claim the California-based couple wanted their personal photographer to snap happy snaps of the 96-year-old monarch and Lilibet — but were rejected, with an anonymous source claiming they were told, “No chance. It was a private family event,” The Sun originally reported.

The same bird also claimed that Elizabeth’s keepers were afraid that Harry and Markle would leak the photos to American television networks.

However, a source with knowledge of the situation told The Post that the claim is nonsense, stating that “they simply enjoyed a private and intimate visit with the Queen.” They added that the Sussexes didn’t even bother to ask for photos because the 96-year-old monarch was not feeling well – a statement Levin refuted.

Levin, for example, agreed with the previous explanation. “Harry and Meghan wanted to see the Queen as soon as possible, so she saw them on the first day,” she claimed. “She went in, and then they asked if they could bring their own photographer and they asked if he could take a picture of the two Lilibets, and she said, ‘No, absolutely not possible.'”

Queen Elizabeth’s communications secretary rejected The Post’s request for comment on the conflicting reports of “private” gatherings.

Netflix representatives have not responded to requests for confirmation of Levin’s claims.

Levin previously told MailOnline that Harry was “incredibly cheeky” when he asked his grandmother to take a picture with his daughter, given Elizabeth’s ailing health and the intense amount of tasks she had during the anniversary. She praised the palace “because it was so smart and cunning that they never had the chance to be photographed with any of the senior royals.”

Levin explained that Harry and Markle sat on the right, while the rest – Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton – sat on the other side.

Indeed, Page Six reported that during their brief anniversary visit, the power couple did not spend any private time with William, Kate, George, Charlotte and Louis. Meanwhile, William’s family is said to have turned down an invitation from Harry and Meghan to attend Lilibet’s first birthday party.

Harry’s relationship with brother William has reportedly been strained since the Sussexes – who notoriously left palace life in January 2020 – devastated the royal family in an infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey 14 months ago.

Needless to say, Levin believed the royal cold shoulder will have serious ramifications for the streaming career of the Sussexes, who signed to a million-dollar deal with the streamer in 2020 after moving to the US.

“They would have used it” [the photo] for Netflix,” she lamented. “It would give them kudos to have her with her great-grandmother, you know.”

Investigative journalist Tom Bower, who is working on a biography of the Duchess of Sussex, agreed with Levin’s sentiment.

“The Sussexes’ contract with Netflix is ​​in jeopardy,” the reporter told the Daily Mail.

The veto of photos will feed the resentment of the Sussexes. Harry’s retaliation could be more revelations in his book to be published later this year.”

He added: “This is a dangerous game for both sides.”

Overall, Levin thought Harry and Meghan’s performance at the anniversary was a “very bad show…I think they thought everyone [the royal family] would drop everything,” she said, adding that after the punch, they “probably just left furious.”

“I really thought they were like grumpy teenagers,” she continued. “If they didn’t get what they wanted, they would leave. They did leave early. They left for the parade on Sunday. They didn’t go anywhere else either.”

She added: “They wanted to stay together as a family. I mean that’s a bullshit thing. You’re with your family all the time, you don’t use that as an excuse when you’re so close.”

Levin’s on-air salvo comes after it was rumored that Harry and Meghan would not be allowed to appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace alongside Elizabeth, Charles and other senior members of the royal family.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the pair were booed when they showed up at an anniversary event at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The married couple flew from UK on Sunday, before the anniversary celebrations had even ended. However, sources told The Post this wasn’t a royal stomp – Harry and Markle had always planned to attend two events and leave.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and reproduced here with permission

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