Indie Games Of The Future To Add To Your Wishlist

Indie games of the future to add to your wishlist

You know I love one good list of indie games

I know we write a lot about great looking indie games in development, almost to a point where it’s hard to keep up with them, but I promise it’s for the greater good. The good thing about having these indie games on your Steam wish list is that it makes it even easier for you to stay tuned when the game becomes available to the public.

Of course, if you can afford it, supporting games on Kickstarter is a really great way to show your interest in a game and let the developers know you’re excited about it, while actively supporting their work financially at the same time. Especially for this list, all indie games have either skipped the Kickstarter route or are already funded, so if you’re interested all you need to do is add them to your wishlist.

Let’s see!

The outgoing mind

Did you know that there an entire community of game developers dedicated to creating games in a style similar to the Paper Mario series† Well, you do.

The outgoing mind is one of those Paper Mario inspired games, also inspired by undertale according to developer Conradical Games. Imagine that Paper Mario was a game purely filled with Angry of all different flavors. It’s a turn-based combat affair with goofs and gaffs, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It started on Kickstarter, surpassed expectations and is now due out sometime this year.

You can get it here on Steam Wishlist

Miscellaneous A little story

To remind Chibi Robo? Me too. Do you miss it? Yes, me too.

Miscellaneous A little story is an indie 3D platform where you play a little robot made of scraps who has to explore a garden, collect cogs, clean up mud and help little friends you meet along the way. It looks like a game clearly missing Chibi-Robo as well as the old rare games like Banjo-Kazooie and Conkers Bad Fur Day. The fun of Miscellaneous A little story is that although it currently has no release date, you can download a demo of the game to get yourself excited about it!

You can get it here on Steam Wishlist


Don’t we all dream of being just a little boy living in the shadows?

SHIM is a platform where you have to jump from shadow to shadow to move. You are a ghost, described by the game’s creator, Ewoud van der Werf, as “the soul and spirit of an object, thing or living being.” Alas, you were torn apart from your thing, that thing said to be human, so now you have to go around and find them. Definitely one of the most unique titles I’ve ever seen.

You can wishlist it here on Steam.

A little to the left

A game specially made for perfectionists and people who struggle with their perfectionism due to owning a cat.

A little to the left is a healthy organizational puzzle game created by Max Inferno, that takes you through levels to organize everyday objects in your home. The art style is simple and vibrant, the addition of a very cheeky cat is genius, and the developers are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever seen. There’s a demo for this one too, so you can try it before it’s fully released!

You can wishlist it here on Steam.

Mika and the Witch Mountain

A game described as Kiki’s delivery service meets Death Stranding sounds like music to my ears.

Mika and the Witch Mountain is a witch game created by Chibig, the development team behind Summer in Mara. I personally loved Summer in Maraespecially because almost every character I met was rude to me or just didn’t want anything to do with me, which I found absolutely hilarious. Mika and the Witch Mountain throws you on a broomstick and sends you off to deliver packages, learn about the recipients of those packages, and most importantly, find yourself through these operations. This will come in ‘late 2022’.

You can wishlist it here on Steam.

And there are only a few indie games to put on your wish list for now. We’ll probably be back with more, so stay tuned!

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