Demons’ battle has ‘broken some trusts’ as AFL seeks clarity


AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said on Friday that the league had intervened on Thursday due to information that had come out since the club imposed the sanctions.

“I think she [the integrity unit] are always looking at things and if there is more information on hand then I think there is always an open book and that is what happened here that there is more information on hand than earlier in the week and that is why they are looking to it,” said McLachlan on 3AW.

McLachlan did not rule out the possibility that May and Melksham could face more sanctions.

When asked if the AFL had CCTV footage of the incident, McLachlan replied: “The integrity unit will go through that process and so whatever information is available, and there will of course be interviews, and if there is other information, they will work through it.” .”


Goodwin won’t elaborate on whether May, who previously had problems drinking, was under a ban.

“We will work with Steven on his personal situation. It’s not a public domain thing. Steven is a quality person, he has worked very hard on himself. He will continue to do that,” Goodwin said.

The premiership-winning coach rejected suggestions that there was a gap between those who played in the grand final last year and those who didn’t.

“There is no gap, they are united and will go ahead and try to do something special,” Goodwin said.

“This incident will not define our playgroup. They are united. They are committed to the cause, they know they made a mistake. Hopefully over time people will see this as a real galvanizing time for us.”

Goodwin insisted Melksham didn’t have a broken hand, but admitted the infection was serious. He said the medium-sized attacker had twice “washed out” the infection during surgery. “He went in twice. It’s a serious infection and we need to get over it,” he said.

Goodwin said he did not condone violence in any form.

The incident takes the form of a Queen’s Birthday blockbuster against Collingwood at the MCG on Monday, with the demons desperate to end a two-game losing slip.

Goodwin’s behavior in the 2021 preseason has once again come under the spotlight, this time regarding chief executive Gary Pert’s management style. Pert’s position was discussed at a meeting in February of that year between AFL boss McLachlan, its chairman Richard Goyder and Melbourne officials.

The meeting with the AFL took place at Melbourne’s instigation as the Demons were investigating allegations of bullying against Goodwin, which have since been dismissed by current president Kate Roffey.

“Honestly, I’m not interested in it, it’s an irrelevant story. Gary Pert is a man of integrity. I have no behavioral problems,” Goodwin said.

McLachlan said it was baffling and disappointing that the private conversation had been made public. He said he had a candid conversation with Pert, with whom he said he had a good personal and professional relationship.

“I certainly wasn’t aware it was being recorded and it looks like it was,” he told 3AW. “I think there is an expectation that private conversations that you are asked to participate in, I think in general people would expect them to remain confidential.

“What I would say is we were called to a meeting, concerns were raised, then Gary and the club investigated the concerns, addressed them and now we are talking about a club and a coach who is a premiership coach. I think that that’s where it is, I think all that needs to be recognized when you look at this.”

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