20 Thoughts I Had When I First Watched Love While Lockup

If you want to see an unconventional love story come to life, you’re in for an absolute treat with Love during Lockup

The gripping series follows the true stories of six couples separated by incarceration as they navigate their relationships on opposite sides of the prison.

Sounds simple, right? wrong. Amid the sweet and hopeful love stories lie betrayal, secrets, scandal and everything in between. In fact, one of the stars of the show is in a relationship with not one, but TWO inmates – and neither of them has any idea the other exists. Scandalous!

“I like my men big, muscular and locked up!” says a woman named Tai in the opening credits. Iconic words, which frankly set the tone for the rest of the show.

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Love during Lockup
Meet Haley, who met the love of her life in prison. (9 now)

The first episode provoked so many thoughts – 20 to be exact – about the unusual, weird and wonderful couples we meet. So without further ado, here’s a list of every single thought that came to my mind while watching episode 1 of Love during Lockup

1. The first couple we meet are Haley and Dalton. Haley is incredibly dizzy when she tells us, “I’ve finally found the love of my life!” just six months after they first started dating — and she doesn’t let anything get in the way of a few iron bars getting in the way.

Dalton has served a year of an eight-year sentence, but despite being incarcerated, they call each other non-stop, have written letters “every day for 60 days” and call each other their “soulmates”. Love is love!

Love during Lockup
Dalton has served a year of an eight-year sentence. (9 now)

2. While we’re all for romance, it gets a little weird when Haley confesses that Dalton was the most popular kid in her school. “He was the one everyone wanted,” she says gleefully, before adding, “…He doesn’t remember me.” Now I’m no relationship expert, but it doesn’t sound like a love story for ages, does it?

3. We soon find out that Haley – who is a single mother – was once tragically involved in a car accident in which she was the passenger of a drunk driver. She nearly died from her injuries and was awarded $80,000 in settlement. I am stunned to find that she spent $25,000 to get Dalton out of jail.

4. After a visit to a lawyer, Haley is told what any parent would be thinking at this stage: run. “I felt there was a very high chance that she was being taken advantage of,” the lawyer warns, before telling her: “If you were my daughter, I’d ask you, ‘What the hell are you thinking? get away as soon as possible. you can. My opinion? Lose this man’.” Finally a voice of reason, but I seriously doubt Haley will listen.

Love during Lockup
Haley visited the lawyer to help her friend – but things didn’t end well. (9 now)

5. Despite his words, Haley’s face doesn’t pull back. “I believe what we have is strong enough!” she says. “I am confident that he will change.” On behalf of everyone watching the show, we hope so too, Haley.

6. We now have a breather from Haley’s love story and are introduced to Gabby and Chris, who is in prison for five years. When we first see the pair, they seem to be in the middle of a provocative phone conversation and they don’t care who’s listening. At this stage, I felt so uneasy that I had to indulge in making tea. Next one!

7. Gabby is quick to tell us that she is a lady who likes the finer things in life. “Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been spoiled. I like expensive things. Anything I want, I get it,” she gushes as she shows off her designer goods. Don’t we all do that, Gabby.

Love during Lockup
Gabby loves the finer things in life. (9 now)

8. Fortunately, Chris was able to support Haley and give her about $60,000 over the course of their one-year romance. There’s also big news: the couple is engaged! To marry! Her mother is all confused and I am thoroughly invested in wherever this is going.

9. Is there anything better than a disapproving mother who shakes her head with every decision? No. And that’s exactly what we get when Gabby tries to show her a potential wedding venue. In the camera, her mom says, “I really don’t think she’s ready to get married. I really don’t think Chris and Gabrielle will ever walk down the aisle.” Not the most favorable review from son-in-law…

10. It’s time for another couple! This time it’s the handsome Max on the outside who says he spends 30-40 minutes every morning on his skincare routine. To be fair, he beams like a newborn angel as he parades through his house. We need tips right away.

Love during Lockup
Max spends 30-40 minutes on his skin regimen. (9 now)

11. Max is in a relationship with Tara, who is behind bars for possession of methamphetamines. They’ve been exchanging letters for months and Max loves it – but the problem is he’s never seen her face on video, only in old photos.

After Max prepared to video chat her for the first time and even set up a ring light, Tara didn’t show up. He. Used to be. To smoke. And I! Didn’t we see the Catfish show? This is red flag 101!

12. Just when you’re frustrated with this couple, another one comes along. Indie has been with Harry for eight months and he’s been inside for four years. “I found a jewel in a pile of rocks,” she beams, before adding that the couple have never met in person, only via video chat. Not another one!

13. You might be surprised to learn that Indie and Harry are married. But not legally married, just…spiritually. They sent letters vowing to each other, “So we are one spiritually, just not one legally.” Is there still cake?

Love during Lockup
Indie bases her life choices on what the psychic has told her, rather than on the advice of her family. (9 now)

14. Indie decides to base her life decisions on a trip to a psychic, who says she must move to Ohio as she says Harry will be “released very soon”. “She’s never been wrong,” Indie says. Honestly, we can’t wait to see the results.

15. Perhaps the most amazing moment is when Indie tells her mother that she plans to cross the country on the advice of the psychic, taking her four-year-old with her.

It’s important to mention that her mother is actually a bounty hunter and private detective, who vowed to investigate every detail of Harry’s life with a fine-toothed comb. She’s not a woman you want to cross, and honestly, this whole romance seems like the worst idea in the world. We can’t not look!

16. When I tell you about this last couple – or should I say, couples – you won’t believe it. My jaw dropped to the floor. I’m still not over it. Let me explain.

Love during Lockup
Tai (left) is dating Hottie (right) – but he’s not the only one she sees. (9 now)

17. We meet a beautiful lady named Tai, an undertaker who lives with her three children. She has been dating inmate Hottie for about seven months and is totally smitten. “I would marry him blindfolded today if he asked me to,” she says. awwww!

18. Suddenly the phone rings and Tai starts talking weird and pretends there are noodles burning in her house. It turns out it’s her other lover, Ricky. “We met in 2016 before he went to prison,” she tells the camera, confirming that he has been sentenced to 40 years. Tai confirms that she has been in a relationship with Ricky for four years. WHAT!

19. It gets worse…or better, depending on how much you like drama. These aren’t the only men she’s chatting with – Tai says she talks to about 8-10 other men a week. “It’s kind of like Mr. Potato Head,” she says. “I can make him the perfect person. And if I feel like he’s falling short, I’ll put one down and pick up another.” mind. blown.

Love during Lockup
Tai’s love story is hard to follow. (9 now)

“Even though I only date inmates, I still believe I have great taste in men. They’re still men, they just can’t leave their rooms,” she adds. She has a point, I take it?

20. But the icing on the cake of this whole dramatic episode comes right at the end. Tai gets a call from a mysterious number, and who’s on the other end? A mysterious woman who claims to be “Hottie’s Girl”.

Tai gets so mad she calls Hottie and puts the calls together, and I swear my heart was beating so fast at this stage I felt like I was running a marathon. The tragedy.

Disgraceful. Brilliant. Shocking. I’ve literally never seen such a rollercoaster of emotions from one show – expect the series to be binge in a few hours.

If you want to see the whole thing you can stream the full first season of Love during Lockup now free on 9Now.

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