‘Suck up’: lawyer Depp cruelly mocked

A top legal expert shared a screenshot of Vasquez, accusing the superstar lawyer of “sucking on male power”.

A top law professor has been criticized for writing “offensive and derogatory” tweets about Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez.

Stanford Law School expert Michele Dauber took to Twitter last Thursday, shared a screenshot of Ms. Vasquez and accused the superstar lawyer of “sucking on male power,” the New York Post reported.

“Of all the women who imbibe male power, female lawyers are definitely the worst of the bunch,” wrote Professor Dauber.

Desperate to prove they are ‘real lawyers’ and understand that being a woman undermines their identity as lawyers, they throw women under the bus as hard and fast as they can.”

The Post has reached out to Prof Dauber and Stanford Law School for comment.

During Johnny Depp’s blockbuster libel lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Ms. Vasquez became a household name. Footage of the glamorous lawyer grilling Heard in the stands — calling her a liar and voraciously defending Depp against abuse allegations — went viral on social media.

Ms Vasquez has been widely acclaimed for her cross-examination of Heard and was even promoted to partner at her law firm last week following Depp’s decisive win in the case.

However, Prof Dauber – who teaches at the prestigious Stanford Law School – found Ms Vasquez’s performance clearly convincing and tweeted her scathing criticism last Thursday.

The professor was promptly criticized for her harsh words about Ms. Vasquez, with one follower responding, “If your son was falsely accused of domestic violence, I’d love it if that woman would help him justify him.”

Prof Dauber then snapped back: “If my son was accused of DV [domestic violence] he’d be a lot more worried than some Pick Me Girl lawyer. But that’s not going to happen because I didn’t raise that rapist-wife-beater.”

Prof Dauber also shared several other screenshots of female lawyers depicted with male celebrities who have been accused of abuse, including Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno.

Many people objected to Prof. Dauber’s incendiary tweets, with several mocking the Stanford scientist.

“Obviously, women need to get Michele’s approval before deciding who to represent. Michele is apparently the person who gets to make all the choices for all the other women,” one joked.

“I’m sorry, Michele, I thought we understood that everyone has a right to quality lawyers in legal matters. Unless you think women can’t give quality advice. Maybe that’s what you’re complaining about?” another clever one.

The professor has repeatedly tweeted the hashtag “#IStandWithAmberHeard” and says she has received death threats after criticizing Vasquez on social media.

Prof Dauber tweeted her disdain for Depp over the course of his six-week defamation trial, even making headlines for claiming Depp’s famous movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean was racist.

Meanwhile, Ms. Vasquez has not responded to Prof. Dauber’s comments.

The legal eagle is probably too busy struggling with her newfound celebrity status.

Ms Vasquez – who put on a loving display with Depp in court, leading some to fantasize that they would start dating – says her newfound fame is “overwhelming”.

Meanwhile, it was revealed Thursday that the attorney will appear in an upcoming docuseries on the Depp v. Heard case, confirming her star status.

This story was originally published by the New York Post and is reproduced with permission.

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