How to enable blood pressure sync on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers several health and fitness tracking features, some of which are not available to all users. Features such as EKG and blood pressure monitoring are limited to certain regions and you cannot use them if your watch is paired with a non-Samsung device. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to enable EKG and blood pressure monitoring on the Galaxy Watch 4

The workaround uses a modified version of XDA Senior Member’s Samsung Health Monitor app Dante63† It bypasses the regional restrictions on the EKG and blood pressure monitoring functions and enables the functions even if you are using your Galaxy Watch 4 with a non-Samsung device. Unfortunately, it has one major drawback. If you use the modified Samsung Health Monitor app to enable blood pressure monitoring on your Galaxy Watch 4, you will not be able to sync your blood pressure data with the Samsung Health app on your phone. Fortunately, Dante63 offers a solution for that too. Follow the instructions below to enable BP sync on your Galaxy Watch 4.

How to enable BP Sync on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

To enable BP sync on the Galaxy Watch 4, you need to download the file from the Google Drive link below.

Download the file

Extract the folder labeled SamsungHealth from the ZIP file and copy it to the download folder on your phone. Check the extracted folder and its contents on your phone. The path should look like “/Internal Storage/Download/SamsungHealth/FeatureManagerOn” or “/storage/emulated/0/Download/SamsungHealth/FeatureManagerOn.”

Remark: Make sure you do not delete this folder or the BP sync function will stop working.

Once that is done, force quit the Samsung Health app on your phone. To do this, open the app info page and tap the force stop knob. Tap on force stop on the following popup to force quit the app.

Now open the Samsung Health app again and go to the settings by tapping the menu button with three dots in the top right corner and then the Settings choice.

On the Settings page of the Samsung Health app, scroll down to the About Samsung Health section and tap it. On the next page, tap the version until the Set functions and Developer Mode buttons appear.

Tap the Set functions button and select the health analysis option on the next page. Switch to the THE V option in the Health Analytics server list, then scroll down to the Data platform choice.

In the Data platform menu, tap the switch under the Developer Mode option to turn it on.

Now close the Samsung Health app from the recent apps screen, force quit it again by following the steps highlighted above and then clear its cache.

Make sure that the data permissions are enabled for the modified Samsung Health Monitor app by tapping the hamburger menu icon on the home page of the app and the Facts option in the next menu, then enable Data permission for the Samsung Health app.

BP sync should now work as intended and your watch can now sync your blood pressure data with the Samsung Health app.

BP data synced with Samsung Health app

Please note that the blood pressure feature on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 should only be used as an indication of blood pressure trends between regular checkups by a healthcare professional. It is not a substitute for traditional methods of monitoring blood pressure. You should not take any clinical action based on the measurements provided by the Galaxy Watch 4 without consulting a qualified healthcare professional.

    The Galaxy Watch 4 is currently the best Wear OS smartwatch money can buy. It offers all the health and fitness tracking features you need, including EKG and blood pressure monitoring.

    The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a slightly more premium version of the regular Galaxy Watch 4. It offers the same health and fitness tracking features in a nicer package.

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