Asmongold was too stunned to speak after realizing the PvP status in Diablo Immortal (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)

Asmongold is stunned to see PvP requirements in Diablo Immortal

fresh from a dramatic banTwitch star Zack “Asmongold” couldn’t help but be quite critical of Blizzard’s new F2P entry in the Diablo series – Diablo Immortal.

After spending over two thousand dollars on the game, Asmon tried the PvP mode Battlegrounds aired for the first time and to his dismay, he found that he was unable to participate in a match. The PvP mode, as his chat pointed out, only opens at specific times.

Zack couldn’t believe that even after spending so much money and time improving his character, the MMO was still blocking content from paying customers. In a recent tweet, he criticized the game, saying it was “shit”.

Real talk has been a bit burnt out lately with everything going on, it takes a day or so to load and also I think I’m done with Diablo Immortal apart from showing features on my stream, not because P2W I just think the game sucks -video about it later

In a sarcastic clip with the sarcastic title “Diablo Immortal has the best PvP”, Asmon’s frustration with the game’s mechanics is very apparent.

“How is this real”: Asmongold too stunned to speak after learning you can only PvP for two hours apiece

The OTK co-founder couldn’t believe his eyes when the ‘Find Match’ button was grayed out the first time he tried to play Battlegrounds mode. He was already nervous about the mode after not being able to gather enough players for a heist. He said:

“I’ve never done PvP in this game. This is my first time doing it. So I’m a little nervous, but we’ll see what happens, okay?”

He navigated to the NPC, which starts the Battlegrounds mode, and found that it was closed.

“Battleground Captain – Battleground. Find a match. Wait, it’s closed. What?”

The streamer fell silent and looked desperately at his chat for some clarification. They pointed out that the NPC dialogue he skipped tells you when the arena will open.

“You can only PvP from 6-8pm?”

Asmon turned off his mic to express his frustration with the game as chat flowed through KEKWs and OMEGALULs. The Austin, Texas native criticized the game, saying:

“That’s in no way true, is it. Like, I mean, that’s clearly bull****, isn’t it? PvP is only for two hours at a time.”

Timestamp 09:07:01

Although it’s touted as a free-to-play title, many players have pointed to the game’s tedious mechanics, which prioritize microtransactions. Timed events that are locked even to Battle Pass owners are why Diablo Immortal has such low Metacritic scores

Fans React To The State Of PvP In Diablo Immortal

Many fans of Asmongold have mirrored his reaction and criticized the game. Comments on YouTube below the clip are full of people rejecting Blizzard for making a game full of microtransactions with little effort for the user’s enjoyment.

Fan reaction to Asmongold's inability to play PvP (Image via Asmongold/Youtube)
Fan reaction to Asmongold’s inability to play PvP (Image via Asmongold/Youtube)

Fans also pointed out that, like Diablo 3, the pay-to-win feature in the game means that matchmaking will be difficult for whales and F2P players alike. One fan noted that the free activities are heavily time-limited, while paying for the same time restrictions.

Fans react to the unbalanced and unfair elements in Diablo Infinite (Image via Asmongold/YouTube)
Fans react to the unbalanced and unfair elements in Diablo Infinite (Image via Asmongold/YouTube)

Low ratings and the anti-player friendly The game’s structure have received much criticism for Diablo.

Not sure if I’ll buy the D4 hypeD3 dead game, no innovation for more of a decade Diablo Immortal P2W clown fiesta somehow a worse version of D3 literally reused tile sets and nostalgia bait Compare to PoE/Lost Ark? I really hope I’m wrong, it’ll have to convince me

Asmongold’s frustrating response to the time-limited PvP is just another in a series of negative responses to Blizzard’s policies. So much so that Asmon himself has doubts about the next AAA Diablo game, saying in a tweet that the recent experience with Diablo Immortal has lowered his expectations.

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