Boxing mogul Eddie Hearn angrily tips Joe Goodall over Justis Huni

One of the world’s biggest boxing promoters Eddie Hearn has had his say on Huni Vs Goodall and teased an even bigger fight for the winner.

Matchroom Boxing boss Eddie Hearn has backed Joe Goodall to upset and dethrone Australian boxing golden boy Justis Huni in their heavyweight clash on Wednesday night.

While it’s not all he does in Australia, Hearn will take first place in the Huni vs. Goodall fight, with compatriot Demsey McKean (21-0), who is 10th in the WBO and IBF, a potential fight in the future.

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Hearn will also be finalizing Matchroom’s first Australian map in September.

He told he was looking for “four to six shows a year” in Australia after recruiting Aussie fighters Liam Paro, Brock Jarvis, Skye Nicolson, Ebanie Bridges and McKean to his stable, among others. .

However, in the battle of the undefeated heavyweight stars, despite admitting he hasn’t seen much of Goodall, who has six first-round KOs in his eight career wins, Hearn, who promotes former world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, supported the Kevin Barry-trained star to get the win.

“I didn’t come to watch the fight, but I was glad it was over,” Hearn said.

“I know Justis Huni from the amateurs and he is a very, very good talent. I know very little about Goodall, but you just need to have attended the meetings I’ve been to in the last 24 hours, everyone has been talking about how good Goodall is. He has been inactive for the past few years, but he is very tough.

“Kevin Barry is a good trainer, they have him in great shape for this fight, as you saw on the scales. And I actually think he’s going to win to be honest, I have a sneaky feeling.

“But we’ll see how good Justis Huni is. It’s very different when you’re inside with a big strong man with little gloves on. If the fight is still going on for 6, 7, 8 rounds, things get really interesting.

“In terms of talent and pedigree, Huni is on a level above Goodall, but in terms of robustness and toughness we don’t know.

“It’s great to know that someone has talent, but can they swim (in the deep water)? That’s what we want to see.”

And it’s something Hearn may have more than a passing interest in because of his relationship with McKean.

When asked if McKean is up for a fight with the winner of Goodall and Huni, Hearn said the Aussie was ready for a “big fight”.

Since the winner of Huni and Goodall is likely to make it into the top 15 in the IBF, WBO and WBC, it would be a massive All-Aussie heavyweight contest.

“Demsey is going to fight on our September card, maybe tomorrow night’s winner, maybe Lucas Browne, which would be another decent fight,” Hearn teased.

But a loss on Wednesday will hurt, as Goodall said even after Tuesday’s weigh-in that “this is a bit of a do-or-die fight” at 29.

Even for 23-year-old Huni, a loss would be a setback.

“It’s a huge blow to both men (who lose),” said Huni’s promoter Dean Lonergan.

“There is a long way back for the loser, a long way back.”

The boxing mogul said options in the domestic market showed how much the Australian scene had improved.

While Australia is not at the level of Britain or the US, Hearn pointed to some positive signs as local fighters took risks against their compatriots to get ahead.

“It’s important to fight domestically, the talent pools will continue to grow, that’s why I think Goodall Vs Huni is a good fight,” Hearn said.

“Maybe we’ll make Liam Paro vs Brock Jarvis. You got 22-0 to 20-0.

“That’s what you’re saying that’s really been a growth catalyst for boxing in Britain, by making big domestic fights. And I think that’s what you have to do here, but of course you have the talent and the depth needed to do that.”

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