Tyson Fury returns to the ring while an astronomical wallet awaits

Tyson Fury put an end to his storied career after his last fight, but a monster purse looks set to lure the British champion back.

TYSON FURY vowed to box again last night, declaring, “Show me the money.”

The Gypsy King, 33, said he was training again for a return of $348 million (AUD).

“If you want me, it’s going to cost something,” the world heavyweight boxing champion warned.

Fury had promised to retire in April after his KO of Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium left him unbeaten and $261 million in the bank. The sun reports.

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But he confirmed he’s training “like crazy” and will come out of retirement on a mega wallet — which could run up to $348 million.

“I’ll be 100 percent back in the ring, just like in the movie when Jerry Maguire yelled, ‘Show me the money!'” said the father of six — whose promoter Frank Warren is making a secret deal — said. .

“If anyone can show me the money, it’s Frank Warren. I’ll call him the Magic Man and we’re going to make some big, big things happen.”

He shared how he incorporated his boxing training into his usual household routine at home in Morecambe, Lancs.

“I train twice a day, every day, running in the morning and weights and boxing in the evening. I’ve had a good time, I’ve run a minimum of four miles and a maximum of six miles and I’m sparring and boxing,” Fury said.

“I am a prize fighter and I fight for prizes, but it will cost if you want me. Until then, the Big Mac will stay in Morecambe, training like crazy, getting a haircut and shaving on Mondays, car attendants on Tuesdays, garbage days on Wednesdays and training every day.”

Fury had one of his traditional outbursts after his win at Wembley – and was caught on video getting out of a taxi in Cannes while drunkenly walking around with his father John and friends.

Last night he admitted to acting like a “true idiot abroad” but says he likes a drink and is not a “robot”.

“I also drink a few beers every now and then, kick some cabs in as we’ve all seen! I’ve had a good time, been abroad and behaved like a real idiot, like we all do,” Fury said.

“Every idiot Brit abroad, with a few beers in it, has done that at one time or another. Who has never taken a vacation, been fooled and worn a real mug? Everyone I know has done it. I am not a programmed robot being told what to say and do.

“I’m as real as waking up in the morning and having breakfast and putting on your shoes. There’s no script here.” Fury told how his sixth-round knockout of fellow Briton Whyte in front of a crowd of 94,000 overtook Ed Sheeran’s biggest Wembley crowd – much to the pop star’s chagrin.

He said the night was a “dream come true,” including the bizarre moment when he asked UFC cage fighter Francis Ngannou if he had a big willy during a live post-fight interview.

“It went absolutely fantastic. We had the record-breaking crowd there, in history for every event — and Ed Sheeran was really pissed off about that,” Fury recalled.

“Then we had a brilliant knockout to cap it all – what a goodbye. The fireworks, the crowd, the fans, the singing, the UFC guy jumping in the ring after the fight and I ask how big are (willy). It was definitely a dream come true.”

But he also said at the time that the Whyte fight would be his last, stating: “I have fulfilled everything I ever wanted to fulfill. I’m retiring as only the second heavyweight in history, after Rocky Marciano, to retire undefeated. I was unbeatable in this match.”

But now the 6ft 9in star has been tempted to retire on the promise of a massive final payday – which could see a fight in Saudi Arabia with fellow British rival Anthony Joshua.

Fury jokingly suggested getting paid in gasoline in an effort to beat the cost of living crisis.

“If Frank makes a deal with the Saudis, hopefully he can give me free fuel for life because I spend a fortune on petrol and diesel,” Fury said with a laugh.

Experts predict that Warren will demand $348 million for a much-anticipated showdown with Joshua – provided he defeats Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk.

“There has been talk of a two-fight deal with a purse of $348 million shared between Fury and Joshua – and it could still happen. But that kind of money will only be generated if Joshua beats Usyk,” a ring source close to the United States told Reuters. the Fury camp The sun last night.

“It would be a real Battle of Britain and bring in huge pay-per-view business with one fight at Wembley and another probably in Saudi Arabia.

“If Usyk wins, the purse will be over $174 million, but anyway, Tyson’s quids.” In Cannes, Fury was drunkenly leaned against the taxi before attempting to open the locked back door. Video showed the driver apparently explaining to his friends that Fury was too drunk before driving away.

Fury then kicked the bumper of the white Renault.

He later uploaded a clip on social media, admitting he had “a few sorbets”, adding that “beer is stronger in France”.

Now a planned comeback would further cement his place in heavyweight boxing history.

Muhammad Ali, who lost his titles in 1967 after refusing to fight in Vietnam, recaptured his crown in 1974 against popular favorite George Foreman in Zaire.

Foreman retired at age 35, but defeated Michael Moorer in 1994 to regain his title at age 45.

This article originally appeared on The sun and is reproduced with permission.

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