The Quarry Tarot Cards Collectibles Guide

the quarryTarot cards can be some of the trickiest collectibles to find, so we’ve created this guide to help you collect them all in one fell swoop.

Why you should find every tarot card in the quarry

Like the other collectibles in the game, the 22 Tarot cards don’t just serve to check off a list of found items. Each hints at which choices to make or not to make in order to bring each character out alive in the morning.

Not only that, but they are linked to the rather rare ones Decked out trophy and Achievement you need if you want to complete the game 100 percent.

That said, though, it’s worth noting that getting each Tarot card will force you into a specific playthrough path. If you strive to play through all 22 cards in one go, you will not be able to find all Clue collectibles, as you can only get one by discarding a card.

As long as you’re willing to accept this, the process for finding the full set of Tarot cards is a manageable and streamlined process which we’ve mapped out in detail below.

Where to find the Tarot card in the Prelude

the first of the quarryTarot cards can be found during the Prelude section. After Laura goes into the woods to find the old woman she saw, return to the camera and head to the left of a circular path. The camera angle changes and reveals The Fool perched on a nearby rock.

Where to find the quarry tarot card in chapter 1

Next up is the Tarot card found in Chapter 1 of the quarry† This can be found by Jacob after entering the Hackett lodge and going up to the first floor.

Before you pick up the bags to load them into the van, look in the back corner towards the entrance to the kitchen. Go inside and the camera angle will shift to reveal the Temperance card leaning against a cooking pot.

The Quarry Tarot Card 2

Where to find the tarot card in chapter 2

After that, there’s one tarot card to be found in Chapter 2. Note that to get this collectible, you’ll need to lock yourself out to permanently get one of the game’s clues.

When you have to choose a path where Nick and Abi can walk down, choose the Rocky Road. Stay on the main trail and don’t go down the spur with the Falling Rocks warning sign.

Before long, the camera will shift to reveal the Hanged Man map on a nearby ledge.

The Quarry Tarot Card 3

Where to find The Quarry’s tarot cards in Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the quarry has two tarot cards to track down. One is impossible to miss, while the other can be easily skipped if you’re not careful.

After getting Abi under control, follow the main trail until the perspective changes to reveal a route through the middle of the forest. Turn off this path and continue until you approach a tree with moss draped over a broken branch to the left. As you get closer to the tree, the camera will shift to reveal the tower card stuck to the trunk of the tree.

The Quarry Tarot Card 5

Wait for the second card until you take control of Jacob. Once you’ve done that, simply walk into the boathouse and the camera will reveal the star map on the side of a wooden buttress.

The Quarry Tarot Card 4

Where to find the tarot cards in chapter 4

Following are the Tarot cards in Chapter 4 of the quarry† Again, there are two to be found, with one that’s easy to miss and one that’s a gimme.

After getting Emma under control, turn around and head back to the island pier. Go all the way to the edge of the pier and the camera will reveal the Magician card.

The Quarry Tarot Card 6

After that, wait for the scene where the larger group returns to Hackett Lodge. As they enter through the front doors, the Strength card is in the frame and can be activated with a button prompt.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 7

Where to find The Quarry’s tarot cards in Chapter 5

Next up are two tarot cards in Chapter 5. Both can be found as Dylan and require a bit of exploration to discover.

Once Dylan and Ryan have reached the cabin area, go to the large tree in the center and look for the two picnic tables. Walk between them and the camera will shift to reveal the devil card.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 8

Once you’ve activated the Devil card, go to the radio building. Before entering, go to the left side of the radio tower on your left. Before you reach the left side of the base, the camera will reveal the Hermit map.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 9

Where to find the tarot cards in chapter 6

After that there are two more tarot cards to be found in the quarrythe sixth chapter. One can be found as Jacob while the other can be found as Abi.

Once you have Jacob under control, proceed along the wooden walkway until you come to the stairs leading from it. Go down the stairs and immediately turn left into a hidden side path. After you go far enough, the camera will shift to reveal the Justice map.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 10

Then play normally until you switch to controlling Abi. Go to the shower room and then go to the middle stable. As you walk to the back of the stall, the moon map is revealed.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 11

Where to find The Quarry tarot cards in Chapter 7

The following are two tarot cards that you can find in Chapter 7. Each map is only available at certain points in the chapter, so make sure you don’t miss them by running through them quickly.

The first one is only found when Laura wakes up in her cell for the first time. Once you gain control of her, walk away from the cell door and then back towards it. Doing so reveals the world map taped to the leg of her bed.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 12

Then proceed normally through the chapter until Laura can move freely outside her cell. Go outside into the main room of the police station and walk between the four desks. The Chariot map is revealed once you reach the center.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 13

Where to find the tarot cards in chapter 8

Chapter 8 of the quarry is where it starts to get much harder to find every tarot card. There are four in total, two limited to Laura and two limited to Ryan.

The first can be found after you reach the stone walkway in the upper floors of the mine. Continue until you come to a bulge on your left, then walk out onto it. The camera reveals the Lovers card near a support rail.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 14

After that, continue until you reach the path blocked by a wooden plank. Tear it away with a quick time event, then move forward until the camera shifts to reveal the wheel map.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 15

From there, continue through the area until you take control of Ryan. Once you’ve done that, head into the room on the left with the Rum Stills for you to research. as you get closer, the nearby Empress card is revealed.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 16

Once that card is found, circle around the room on the other side. As you walk through it, you’ll see the Emperor card stuck to an arch.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 17

Where to find the quarry tarot cards in chapter 9

Chapter 9 is also similar to Tarot cards to find. Each of the four characters you control can only find one, making it paramount that you get them all right away.

The first can be found as Ryan. After he escapes through the dumbwaiter into a locked room, walk to the center of the room. The Death Card comes into view from the top of a cabinet.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 18

After that card, the one is found as Laura. As she goes upstairs and enters the room with the breaker box, the camera automatically reveals the Sun card taped to the window frame.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 19

The next is the map that Dylan can find. As you make your way to the actual demolition, bend to the left and go through the metal tunnels until they empty you at some blue crates. Climb up the crates via a nearby staircase, then turn left. As you make your way, the judgment card is revealed.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 20

Finally there is the map that you can find as Abi. After getting her under control in the storage basement, head to the stairs leading back outside. As you get closer to the door, the hierophant is revealed from behind in a corner.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 21

Where to find the tarot card in chapter 10

Last but not least there is the Tarot card which you can find in chapter 10 of the quarry

While exploring Hackett Lodge as Kaitlyn, make your way to the second floor and into the bunk room. Take the stairs to the third floor closest to this room and then go to the window overlooking the forest.

As you get closer to the window, the camera will shift to reveal the High Priestess card in the rafters.

The Quarry Tarot Cards 22

Hopefully this all helps you track down the quarryTarot cards without much fuss. Check out some of our other articles below to learn more about The Quarry and other horror titles.

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