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As the cost of living rises and the colder weather sets in, heating your home can feel like another financial and energy burden currently.

While it’s not always practical to avoid the heating completely, you may want to rely on it a little less.

Or maybe you find yourself always cold when you step out of the house in the colder months.

An easy solution to these problems is to become more aware of the clothes you wear indoors.

dr. Rebecca Van Amber, senior lecturer at the RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles, debunks the common myth that some fabrics keep us warmer than others, and offers some tips for choosing clothes to keep you warm this winter.

When it comes to heat, all substances are equal (sort of)

dr. Van Amber says that while many of us think that certain types of fabrics are warmer than others, this isn’t really true.

“If you look at the science, the property of the fabric that has the most effect on how warm it is is actually how thick it is,” she says.

“So for most people, whether you’re wearing a polyester sweater or a wool sweater, if they’re exactly the same thickness, they’ll have pretty much the same insulating properties.”

Why is this the case? Simply put, fabrics work by keeping a layer of air next to your body.

“They basically hold the air next to your body, so the thicker the fabric, the better it holds the air,” says Dr. Van Amber.

That trapped air essentially functions as a “blanket of air” around the body. Your body heat heats the air, and that keeps your body warm, she adds.

Wool fibers lend themselves well to a thicker fabric.Pexels: Anna Khomutova

Keep in mind that some fabrics are very thin and don’t appear in thick fabrics.

dr. Van Amber says that thicker fabrics to look out for include polar fleece, wool, acrylic, cashmere, and flannel.

But isn’t wool warmer?

You’ve probably heard the conventional wisdom that wool is great at keeping you extra toasty in the winter. It’s reminiscent of images of that thick, woolly sweater you might have in your closet.

“I think there is sometimes some wisdom in the case of anecdotal evidence and stories about certain substances,” says Dr. Van Amber.

She explains that wool sweaters are not warmer because wool fibers are warmer than other fibres, but because the wool is well suited to make thicker fabrics.

“Because of the way the wool lends itself to woolly, hairy yarn, it has traditionally been used to make thick, woolly sweaters.”

However, there is one property of wool that Dr. Van Amber says it’s better than other fabrics when getting dressed to go outside.

“Wool really shines when you’re wet. So when you get wet, wool really does keep you warmer,” she says.

Although you may feel a little uncomfortable wearing a wet wool sweater, the material generates steam and warms you.

dr. Van Amber also says that if wool is a fabric that irritates you, wearing a silk layer underneath can help alleviate some of the discomfort.

dr. Rebecca Van Amber has a background in clothing and textile sciences and is an expert in the thermal properties of fabrics.Delivered

So, what are the best clothes to buy?

The answer is actually quite simple: if you are looking for clothes that keep you warm, opt for thick garments.

The principle applies to almost every item, whether you are looking for socks, inner layers, sweaters, down jackets or tracksuits.

The liberating thing about this principle is that it allows you to work with preferences that you may already have when it comes to clothing, such as choosing clothes that are cheap or eco-friendly.

An example of this is the puffer jacket – more expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to more warmth.

Puffer jackets with a polyester filament instead of down are often not only more environmentally friendly, but also cheaper, says Dr. Van Amber. As long as the garment and filling are thick, you don’t have to sacrifice warmth.

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