Stars only align for one night when the Logies red carpet is rolled out

And in what will be one of the most touching moments in Logie’s history, Patti Newton and daughter Lauren will be in the room to pay tribute to Bert Newton, who died in October.


In the run-up to the gong show, the 80-meter red carpet becomes ground zero. Stars will be dropped off at the end of the carpet via a fleet of golf carts — “slingback-friendly,” explains Flower — as each of the networks plans big after-parties.

But don’t think about Ernst & Young’s bean counters, which will be collecting votes until the red carpet broadcast ends at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. After the numbers are verified, the top secret results will be sent to a handful of people, including the official engraver, who should be busy scribbling names on this year’s trophies.

All this happens backstage as television’s glitterati wine, dine and back slap. Who doesn’t love the Logies?

Tea, towels and triumph for Ita Buttrose

Was a humble tea towel really the launch pad for Ita Buttrose‘s great media career?

The ABC chairman and grand doyenne of Australian journalism delivered Friday night’s Andrew Olle Media Lecture at The Ivy Ballroom before a crowd of 350 — including tables representing some of ABC’s harshest critics: Sky News and News Corp.

Ita Buttrose held the Andrew Olle Media Lecture on Friday night.Credit:ABC

She remembered dropping out of school when she was 15, taking a typing and shorthand course, and working as a copy girl at The Australian Women’s Weekly

“I made a lot of tea and coffee,” Buttrose told the audience.

We learn a little more in the July issue of the Weeklywhere Buttrose reminisces about her first job at the magazine under the helm of formidable editor Esmé Fenston.

Asher Keddie as Ita Buttrose in the ABC's Paper Giants: Birth of Cleo.

Asher Keddie as Ita Buttrose in the ABC’s Paper Giants: Birth of Cleo.Credit:ABC

“We called her either Mrs. Fenston or ‘the editor’. There was a bell system outside the booth where the copy boys and girls sat – it was like… Upstairs Downstairs† You’d hear the buzzer and the flap would come down saying ‘editors,’ so you’d go there,” Buttrose said.

“I used to make tea and coffee for 40 people in the morning and in the afternoon. I was so embarrassed in the art department because there were a lot of men, and I was only 15, and it was quite an ordeal. I was just a gauche teenager. They were all adults. I would wash all the teacups, but there was no tea towel, so I took one from home. I didn’t realize it until I became an editor 18 years later, but that dish towel marked me as a copy girl to watch because I was the only one who had ever done that. I have shown initiative.”

She was clearly over her shyness when she was editor of Cleo magazine and looking for potential naked male centerfolds, recalling the time when she had nearly the entire male membership of the West Wollongong Apex Club posing in their birthday costume during her Olle Lecture.


Buttrose was invited to address the club, which was raising money for charity, when “one of the guys raised his hand and said, ‘How much would you pay if the whole club was posing naked?'”

“500 dollars,” she replied. Later, over a drink at the bar, Buttrose and the men discussed art direction, choosing a Roman bath setting, with towels covering their “vital parts”.

“Look, you might think differently about that in the morning,” I said. “Oh no, she’s right!” So they went home and told their wives.

The next morning all hell broke out in West Wollongong. Women threatened to leave the house. The West Wollongong Apex Club almost lost its charter and I lost my centerfold!”

Well before he became chairman of the ABC, Buttrose, who turned 80 in January, was immortalized by the public broadcaster in 2011. Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo‚ in which she was played by Asher Keddie

“It was pretty good, but I thought she was exaggerating. I found myself thinking, ‘O God Almighty, Asher, stop lisping!’” she tells the Weekly

“One thing… they had Asher in their pants and they were banned from Consolidated Press. mr frank [Packer] wouldn’t allow it and we weren’t wearing boots either and had to wear stockings!”

Hush pimps her wardrobe

Kellie Hush says the new company is about

Kellie Hush says the new company is about “recirculating fashion”.
Credit:James Brickwood

Earlier Harper’s BAZAAR Australia editor-in-chief Kellie Hush may have one of the most coveted wardrobes in town, so it’s no wonder she puts her designer dresses to good use.

Hush has taken on the role of creative director of the Australian online fashion rental platform The Volte, a kind of Airbnb for designer dresses, where dress owners can rent them out for four days. The demand for a specific item of clothing determines the rent, which can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars for dresses worth thousands of dollars.

Hush told PS that she already has a Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger song ready to “pimp” but said she was more inspired to tackle the $3 trillion dollar fast fashion industry that caused untold environmental damage and spawned bad fashion habits.

“This is about recirculating fashion, or rather, a true circular fashion economy,” says Hush enthusiastically.

Some “frocklords” earn up to $100,000 a year renting out their prized dresses on the site, which now has 250,000 monthly users.

Nudie runs and freezes frames

Unexpected encounters at film festivals are not exactly unknown, but an actor paid off Damon Herriman

The Australian actor from Once upon a time in Hollywoodthe nightingale and Mr. Between met New Zealand actor-filmmaker Jackie van Beek at the afterparty for her comedy The Breaker Upperers, which opened the Sydney Film Festival four years ago. He gushed about how much of a fan he was and she answered.


An “unhinged pleasure”: Damon Herriman as Bruno and Jackie van Beek as Laura hitchhike in the New Zealand comedy Nude Tuesday.Credit:Sydney Film Festival

As a result, Herriman and Van Beek play a couple with a troubled marriage going to a sex-obsessed new-age retreat, in an anarchic comedy she wrote, nude tuesdaywhich will be screened at this year’s festival before the general opening in cinemas next Thursday.

They were naked on a snowy mountain during the shooting in New Zealand – Herriman’s first nude scene.

“It was, ‘Okay, I’m naked in this car and I’m about to open the door and run to all these people I just met a few weeks ago, all naked,'” he says. “That was pretty weird the first time. The second time it was a little less, and then it just got how freezing cold it was.”

Blonde ambition

One of the gems of this year’s festival emerged during the opening night of Gracie Ottothe new movie Seriously red.

In Seriously Red, Krew Boylan and Rose Byrne play the roles of Dolly Parton and Elvis impersonators.

In Seriously Red, Krew Boylan and Rose Byrne play the roles of Dolly Parton and Elvis impersonators.Credit:Sydney Film Festival

The film – the first from all-female Sydney production company Dollhouse Pictures – is about the shadow world of impersonators, from Dolly Parton until Elvis Presley. Krew Boylan (who played Schapelle Corby in the teledelivery of 2014 Schapelle) stars as Red, the redhead who wants to be a very blonde Dolly impersonator.


Inevitably she ends up in Tamworth in the film, who also stars Celeste HairdresserThomas CampbellJean KittsonWayne BlairTodd Lasance and Jack Thompson

Boylan wrote the film eight years ago. Her script got the blessing of Dolly (who apparently read it overnight and even wrote some music for the film, but unfortunately it didn’t get used).

In addition to Dolly classics, there is music from Kenny Rogers and Neil Diamond (of Will & Grace‘s Bobby Cannavale starring the impersonator of Diamond). But the show’s surprise package is Cannavale’s wife and co-founder of Dollhouse Pictures Rose Byrnewho shines like an Elvis impersonator, but not with the same wardrobe budget as Baz Luhrmann

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