Steam offers you 5 free games for a limited time


If you want to enjoy a weekend of hours of gaming, Steam makes it easy.

Steam It is the ultimate platform for PC gamers, always with the permission of the Epic Games Store, which has been gaining momentum every time since its official launch and also has very interesting offers such as the new free game that was recently unveiled. However, Valve’s platform continues to win this battle in terms of active users on the page and it is common to see that it has proposals completely free for its players to enjoy the best mode of the catalog they offer. This time we bring you 5 Free Content You Can Play Now on Steam

And it is that the platform does not stop and has a fantastic streak, offering free games for all its users for a limited time† Thanks to the SteamDB portal, we know all these new features and we’re highlighting them for you so you can get your hands on them. It should be noted that in this case there is one of the titles that is only for the weekend, so it will not be yours forever. Is about GTFO, while the other 4 can now be claimed and added to your Steam library. Although it should be noted that, on the other hand, the fifth is in disagreement a DLC for Dying Light

All free Steam games for a limited time

Then we’ll show you all these games available for free on steamalthough we recommend that you claim them now as some offers are about to expire, so you better add them to your catalog as soon as possible or they will no longer be available.


It is about free steam game for this weekend and can be played for free until next Monday, June 20. GTFO is a cooperative first-person shooter with fantastic undertones of horror and survival, developed by the independent Swedish studio 10 Chambers, which will give you great hours of fun with your friends on these rest days.

Tell me why

Tell Me Why is Dontnod Entertainment’s multi-award-winning episodic adventure game in which the twins use their supernatural bond to uncover the truth about their troubled past, the Steam listing. It is one of the most interesting free video games because it is from the creators of Life is Strange and is available for free all month of June to celebrate Pride

ARK: Survival Evolved

While many are waiting for Ark II, the sequel starring Vin Diesel that will hit Xbox consoles sooner, Steam allows all its users to play for free during the first episode† Enter a world populated by dinosaurs in which you will have to survive with what you find in the environment, craft materials, constructions and everything you want in one of the most popular games of the genre.

Capcom Arcade Stadium

If you like arcade games and have a big dose of nostalgia, Capcom Arcade Stadium is all you need because it’s free on steam until next month† In addition, he is accompanied by the DLC the Street Fighter II, so it’s a very interesting option. Shooting, fighting, action… you can find it all in this fantastic collection of retro games that will take you straight to the arcades while offering great new features that you wish you had back then.

Dying Light – Harran Tactical Unit Bundle

The last game isn’t really a game, but a content for Dying Light which will expand your gaming experience on the Techland title if you already have it in your Steam library. This package contains the following:

protector – a Harran Tactical Unit armor skincoordinator – a shotgun from the Harran Tactical UnitGuardian – a Harran Tactical Unit rifle with burst modehyper argument – a Harran Tactical Unit hammer with hyper-permanent mod effectfour wheels – a Harran Tactical Unit buggy skin with police light effect

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