Ruby Recommends: Her Selection Of Steam Next Fest Demos

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos

Hello again gamers, goblins and ghouls. I’ll be back this week to give you another Ruby Recommends!

This week it’s a little different. Given the malleable nature of the name, I had a thought. Why don’t I just recommend some games? In a current and current way?

Sure, the Ruby Recommends YouTube era isn’t going anywhere, but with Steam Next Fest running through early next week, I thought I’d come here and recommend some of the demos available that I’m giving red-hot to Go. David also has his list of recommendations, for which I have lovingly created his own David Recommends feature image.

Fellow Kotaku writer Isaiah Colbert also has a great list of Steam Next Fest game demos they’re looking for, so you can check that out here (we have a few demos in common, great minds think alike).

So this is what I’m trying out this weekend, maybe you can too. All links to the games’ Steam pages are given at the beginning of each yarn.

Ruby’s Steam Next Fest Demo Picks

Cult of the Lamb

Image: Devolver Digital

Cult of the Lamb is an action roguelike dungeon crawler created by Massive Monster. I’ve been hyped for this game for a while now, so bet you sweet bippy I’m going to give this a piping hot one. You play a possessed lamb saved from death by an ‘ominous stranger’, and now you need to build a loyal cult as a nice thank you.

Roots of Pacha

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: crytivo

Roots of Pacha is a Stone Age life simulator created by Soda Den. As a big fan of Stardew Valley, I was ready to try this game from the moment I saw the trailer. You have to build a Stone Age community, regularly discover things that would be incredible new ideas to people of the time, harvest crops, befriend woolly mammoths and get married.


Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: HiWarp

NAIAD is a puzzle exploration game created by HiWarp. I am an incredibly uptight person who would love nothing more than to just go for a swim like a little sweetheart with hair in many colors. And that’s exactly what you do in this game. You are Naiad and you just flow across a river and connect with the beautiful flora and fauna you swim by.

Nine Sols

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: RedCandleGames

Nine Sols is a hand-drawn 2D action platformer created by RedCandleGames, the makers of Detention and dedication† This game gives me a lot Hollow Knight vibes, and mixed with the lore-heavy nature of RedCandleGames’ work? I participate. You play hero Yi in the land of New Kunlun and you must travel through the deserted land to defeat the 9 Sols you have awakened.


Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: afterburning

rail-bound is a train-based puzzle game created by Afterburn, the makers of wave peaks and inbento† I love these kind of puzzle games. Nice and simple with colorful visuals, and do you play a dog? Yes please! You have to go to different areas and make train connections to help everyone home.


Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Frogun is a 3D platformer created by Molegato. An ode to the platform games of the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 era, this game has been a sought-after title for many people for a while now. Myself included! You play Renata, an explorer with a frog gun, and you must travel across the land to save your world-famous archaeologist parents.

The Ghost and the Mouse

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: Armor Games Studios

The Ghost and the Mouse is a puzzle platformer created by Alblune. You can’t tell me that this game set in France that follows the journey of a mouse, not at least one small amount Inspired by Ratatouille† I mean, you can if you want to, but I refuse to believe it. You play a little mouse who takes on the role of a magical electrician to help the people of Sainte-et-Claire.

Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: Chibig

Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara is a 3D platformer created by Chibig, the creators of Summer in Mara† The game also takes place in the same universe as Summer in Mara, a game I loved due to the fact that almost everyone you meet in the game either hates you, finds you annoying, or tries to cheat you in some way. You play Koa and have to explore the land of Mara with your bestie Napopo to get back the stolen pirate loot.

Cursed to wave

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: Thunderful Publishing

Cursed to wave is a golf-based adventure created by Chuhai Labs. This is another game that I’ve been extremely excited about since it was announced because I love the craziness of it all and I feel a powerful power within me to become a golfing legend. You play as the Cursed Golfer and you have to play golf to get out of Golf Purgatory otherwise you will Cursed to wave for the rest of your days.

Flying Neko Delivery

Ruby Recommends: Her Selection of Steam Next Fest Demos
Image: Fractal Phase

Flying Neko Delivery is a Death Stranding-like delivery simulator created by Fractal Phase. This game feels like Kiki to me Kiki’s delivery service took a week off and demanded that her cat Jiji take over for a while instead. You play feline witch Onigiri, and you have to deliver packages all over the world, earn money from them (it’s a living!), and use that money to fill up Grand designs on your little witch’s cottage.

Those are my picks, and I’m really excited to spend this weekend playing them all. Maybe I’ll love them and pre-order them, and maybe I’ll hate them and don’t. That’s the beauty of a demo, honey!

And you? Have you downloaded some Steam Next Fest demos that you’re going to try? Let us know!

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