Boxing magnate Eddie Hearn wants Sonny Bill Williams vs Paul Gallen

It’s a fight that’s been teased for many years at this point, but the guy who makes Sonny Bill Williams vs Paul Gallen may have finally arrived.

The world’s biggest boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has teased that he could finally be the man who would lead Sonny Bill Williams and Paul Gallen to finally settle their fight.

40-year-old Paul Gallen has been chasing a fight with Williams for years but has failed to sign the double international rugby and rugby league for a fight.

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Gallen has successfully completed his athletic career, beating among others UFC great Mark Hunt and former WBA (regular) champion Lucas Browne as well as a host of rugby league stars.

But unbelievably, he has also fought twice for the Australian heavyweight title, losing to Justis Hunic in a tenth round TKO and go the distance with Kris Terzievski in May

Williams on the other hand hasn’t focused on his boxing for long, going the distance against 2-14 fighter Waikato Falefehi last June, for a stunning first round KO from AFL great Barry HallWho previously had a six-round draw against Gallen

Gallen, however, has long been optimistic about the fight actually taking place, after saying last year: “The logistics of even getting together are nearly impossible”.

It was after she reportedly got a “life-changing” amount of money – reportedly $4 million each – just for Williams’ people to knock it back.

But while Gallen has long wanted the fight, he has admitted it doesn’t seem likely as he wants to retire at the end of the year.

“I’m 99.9 percent sure I’m ready to enjoy life after retirement,” he told in March. “There’s not much left in the old body.”

Although Gallen and Williams shook hands after Hall’s defeat, it’s unknown at this time who the two men’s next fight will be.

Enter Eddie Hearn.

On Friday, Hearn announced Matchroom Boxing’s first Australian card, headlined by the clash of No. 1 WBO junior welterweight contender Liam Paro (22-0) and Jeff Fenech’s protégé Brock Jarvis (20-0), who steps up to the 140 pound division for the first time.

Matchroom also has IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges, former Olympian Skye Nicolson and heavyweight Demsey McKean on the books.

But as Hearn made the rounds after announcing his first Australian fight card in September, he added that Gallen vs Williams was on his radar.

Speaking about Jaben Ryan’s The Punch podcast if Sonny Bill Williams is on his radar, Hearn said he’d like to get him on a map.

“I met Sonny Bill and I really like him. I think he’s a great person, I think he’s a good fighter,” Hearn said.

“He’s a legend in the sport of rugby, but he really puts the time into it. A lot of these guys, be they YouTubers or footballers, some of them are boxing at a decent level. I don’t believe Sonny Bill Williams will continue with winning world championships but he is improving and he is at least able to compete against professional fighters including Jake Paul.

“But I would really like to make Sonny Bill Williams against Paul Gallen. Paul Gallen of course lost recently (against Terzievski), but that’s a huge fight.

“I feel that boxing in Australia has been made great by footballers. I don’t want to focus too much on the footballers, but I also understand the number and interest that such a fight can generate.

“But we know Sonny Bill Williams really well whether that’s a fight we want to do – we’ll be here in September with this fight card and then we’re going to do another fight card in December, so maybe that’s something we’re looking at. “

Hearn said he sees a lot of potential in the Australian market and teases the international fighters like Canelo Alvarez and Anthony Joshua who are going down in the future.

A December card would fit Gallen’s timeline.

Matchroom big for Aussie debut

As for the first map, the fight between Paro and Jarvis is a great start to Matchroom’s Australian presence.

Paro had the chance to wait and take a shot at undisputed junior welterweight king Josh Taylor, but risk it all against Jarvis.

“I tried my best to get to number 1 the hard way. I don’t let any kid come here to take it,” Paro said. “Brock is a good fighter, I respect him. You don’t get to 20-0 for no reason. As Alfie (promoter DiCarlo) said before, the competition we’ve faced is beyond compare. His record of 20-0 equals my 7-0, so we’ll see in September. I have a statement to make.”

Jarvis said it “seems almost unfair” to have a shot at Paro, as he has not fought in the division before.

“It opens a lot of doors for me,” Jarvis said. “My main focus at the moment is just winning the fight. I don’t really care what comes next. I haven’t even thought about it.”

Speaking to earlier this week, Hearn said Matchroom wanted to make the best fights available.

“I think Brock is so exciting, he looks great, he’s never in a boring fight,” Hearn said. “But he had to go to lightweight, but he is huge.

“That’s why I said to Jeff Fenech, ‘What about an All-Australian fight with Liam Paro at 140, it’s an absolute war.’

“It’s pretty funny because (Paro’s promoter) Angelo di Carlo and (Jarvis’ trainer and mentor) Jeff Fenech are family friends and you have to call them each other’s bluff. Angelo di Carlo said, ‘no, Jeff wouldn’t take that fight’. Jeff came right back and said ‘we love that fight’. It’s the kind of fight we want to enter the market with. Hopefully we can get that tied up this week and it would be a great fight.”

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