Blizzard Entertainment gives more details about Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment held a special livestream with the team this week Overwatch 2 while providing more details about the game. The key points we learned over the past week and from the team is that the game will be free to play when it launches on October 4. You don’t need to own the previous game to play this one, but if you happen to have it, all the gear you’ve earned will transfer to the new game. Speaking of which, loot boxes are ready (which makes sense since they’re still slowly getting banned in Europe), and will instead be replaced by a Battle Pass and in-game store. This means that you now have to pay directly for cosmetics in the same way as in games like Duty or Fortnite† The game switches to 5v5, which we’ve known for months, and has a new ranking and progression system, as everyone, regardless of rank in the current game, starts again at the bottom. You can check out more comments from the team below, as well as the full livestream.

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A free-to-play live experience

To make Overwatch 2 free-to-play is a natural step forward for our game and our players. overwatch, even since its debut, has always been a social game and our community has always had the most fun when we come together. Free-to-play removes the barrier to entry, so anyone anywhere can jump into the game, group with friends, or find people to play with online. In addition to this shift to free-to-play, we will be adding cross-progression so that anyone can seamlessly play, progress and access their unlocked content across all game platforms. No Loot Boxes coming in Overwatch 2† Instead, the modernized live service empowers our players to shape their own experiences. Players can get the items they want directly through the Battle Pass and an all-new and constantly updated in-game store. Our team will create and deliver seasonal content every nine weeks to ensure there is always something new and exciting for everyone.

Overwatch 2 Road Map & Seasons

On the roadmap below, you can find our short-term plans for season one and season two, as well as our long-term goals to grow and develop the game through 2023 and beyond. Players can expect a new hero every other season, with elements such as new maps and game modes in the intervening seasons.

Season one features Sojourn, Junker Queen, and an unannounced support hero, as well as the new 5v5 PvP experience, reworked heroes, new maps and modes, and more. We are also releasing a revamped competitive experience created to give players more tools to improve gameplay and feel a sense of progression in competitive play. Players will have more influence on individual matches with the shift to 5v5, and there will be additional systems to help you differentiate your contributions per match. More details about the competitive overhaul will be shared soon!

Season two introduces a new tank hero, map and a collection of unique skins, including a new Mythic skin. As we move into 2023, we move the story of overwatch moving forward with the release of our new PvE gameplay, which will be released seasonally early next year, along with more new heroes, maps and game modes. We can’t wait to share more information closer to release!

A living, ever-evolving game

We’ve always believed that overwatchat its core, should be a living game. overwatch stands for inclusiveness, openness and community. These pillars have led to the change in our strategy of regularly providing new heroes, maps and modes as we believe it is best for our players.

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