Ranking of the 10 best Fire Pokemon

We’ve ranked the 10 best Fire Pokemon from worst to best based purely on how they make us feel.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best Fire Pokemon, ranked from worst to best, to illustrate which ones earn themselves a spot among the elite. They’re purely based on atmosphere, because if there’s one thing that matters most in Pokemon, it’s how your team makes you feel.

10. Ninetales

What’s cooler than a fox? Nine foxes, one body. Despite being introduced to the series as early as Gen 1, Ninetales is still loved by fans around the world. It has cool moves, a mean look and it will kick your ass. If for some reason you’re not looking for Fire Pokemon here (kinda odd), you’ll be happy to hear there’s an Alolan Ice/Fairy variant.

9. Alolan Marowak

Speaking of Alola, here’s a ghost wearing a dinosaur skull: metal. Alolan Marowak is by far the best of the Alolan remixes, if not the best regional variant yet. This is almost entirely because it’s a Gen 1 Pokemon that was already cool, types better, and has a sweet color scheme. You go, little man.

8. Claw Flame

Cool bird. Well, not so cool, it’s a fire type. Anyway, Talonflame is probably the best of all the first route bird types out there, making Pidgeot look like a big geek. Besides being just a cool dude, look at him, Talonflame is super fast, with flying moves being prioritized thanks to the Gale Wings ability. Put some respect on his, er, wings.

7. Houndoom

Cool dog alert. May be too cool and sharp to touch. Houndoom is surpassed only by his own Mega Evolution, who gets a sweet hat for his effort. This is definitely the dog you’d want to be friends with in a dark alley, and just by looking you can tell he’s a softie at heart. A fireball-spitting, badguy-burning softie.

6. Chimchar

You can’t go wrong with a mean looking monkey. While the latest entry in his evolutionary line, Infernape, takes the crown for a spot in Smash Bros, Chimchar is much cuter, a little smaller and less likely to hit a top rope clothesline. If you can ignore his rather terrifying ears, you’ve got a friend for life here.

5. Blaziken

Blaziken’s typing is a bit exaggerated now, but it’s important to note that this was the first of Pokémon’s Fire/Fighting starters. If you’re into powerful Pokemon, look no further – this guy wore entire series of X/Y alone, reached the pinnacle of competitive scenes, and his mega form makes most Pokemon look like mice. Hide, don’t run, from the ridiculously fast Blaziken.

4. Scorbunny

Scorbunny rules, there’s no two ways about it. Like our previous entrant, this evolutionary line could easily take you through a full game of Sword & Shield thanks to the limitless power of G-Max Cinderace. However, his littlest brother, the mischievous Scorbunny, replaces pure strength with adorable gentleness and a penchant for giggling, as seen above.

3. Charmander

Top Two Most Recognizable Pokemon? Charmander is potentially up there, behind only giga-mascot Pikachu and his little chubby cheeks. The scene above is iconic, his design is instantly recognizable and everyone around the world chose him as their starter. Some even claim he was still the best despite Bulbasaur being there.

2. Arcanine

You can tell that Arcanine was originally conceived as a Legendary Pokemon, IF he was the absolute boy he was shown as rideable in half of the anime episodes he was in. You would live with an Arcanine in real life and it would be the best thing ever, man is basically a walking hug.

1. CyndaquiI

Cydaquil combines all the best of the above – he’s cute, he’s a starter, he’s got a big nose and his back explodes. His evolution line is cool when he turns into badass Typhlosian, and that’s a good starter, all things considered. It doesn’t quite have the competitive and game-carrying abilities of Blaziken and Scorbunny, but it makes up for it with its charm and weird hands.

Written by Ben Barrett on behalf of GHLF

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