‘Unrecruitable’: Jordan De Goey nowhere to be seen after controversial Bali trip

Jordan De Goey went missing in Collingwood today as he was labeled “unrecruited” after his controversial trip to Bali.

Jordan De Goey was absent from Collingwood HQ on Monday as he was labeled “unrecruited” after his trip to Bali during the club’s farewell week.

The Magpies star is at the center of another scandal off the pitch after he was spotted pulling on the top of a woman in a video on Instagram.

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Video footage of the 26-year-old partying in Bali has spread around the internet and has put him in the hot seat with AFL legends and pundits blow up the star’s mid-season antics.

On Saturday the woman in the videos, Remy Jackson, spoke out about the resistance and threw her support behind De Goey.

Over the weekend, De Goey posted a statement on Instagram slamming media for “the relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes”.

Now the Herald Sun reports that he lost track of this morning in Collingwood and is expected to miss this afternoon’s training session.

De Goey is not expected back at the club until Wednesday after his controversial trip to Bali halfway through the season. The Magpies will face the Giants in their Round 15 game on Sunday.

The midfielder’s contract will expire at the end of this season and experts believe De Goey is now “unrecruited” and clubs will be reluctant to trade for him given his recent indiscretions.

Respected AFL broadcaster Gerard Whateley criticized De Goey’s “wee-is-me” attitude and said other clubs were surprised that Collingwood had not suspended him.

“Only Collingwood knows the parameters it set at the start of the year around De Goey’s behavior and what behavior, especially when it comes to his behavior towards women, would constitute further sanction,” Whateley wrote. SEN’s website

“He was offered a clean slate and he squandered it.

“After talking to the leaders of other clubs all weekend, they would suspend De Goey if they were determined to suspend someone.

“Idiot doesn’t even surface, was the sentiment of more than one contemporary player.

“One of the questions De Goey is facing is how serious is he with his professional football career and what sacrifices are required to do so?

“The answer to that question will have a big impact on his future. I don’t think he’s recruitable now.

“No straight-faced club could explain to its senior players why you would offer a million dollar deal to lure De Goey.

“He’s Collingwood’s asset, he’s Collingwood’s problem and he’s Collingwood’s responsibility.”

AFL commentators agreed that De Goey’s trade value has plummeted following his latest off-field scandal.

“It certainly casts doubt on other clubs who were considering beating him as a free agent and trying to get him to the football club,” Leigh Montagna told Fox Footy’s. first tear

“If there was any concern at all, be it board level or club level, we discuss whether or not we are, what are the risks versus rewards – this just adds another layer. It may put off a few clubs.

“We know he is a match winner, we know he has high level talent, he is a weapons player in the league, I think so, but now some clubs may think the risk is not worth the reward.”

Four-time premiership player Jordan Lewis added, “We’ve seen so many examples in the last five to 10 years where the game has become more system-based than individuals starring,” he said.

“There are so many examples to say that one player can’t win you a premiership or change the way you go about it, but it can certainly affect the group. I think in this case the bargaining power is diminishing.

“If I’m a different club, if I’m a player at another club and involved with the leadership group and key decision-makers, I don’t think I would look at Jordan De Goey’s situation.

“I think other clubs look beyond the football side. You want to bring people in – and I don’t know him of course – you want to bring people in to build a culture and understand that that’s the most important thing that leads to performance, and that is the only question mark with him.”

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